With Thanks and in Giving


I am so grateful. Every night I say my Prayer of Gratitude and surrender these transforming words to the universe for every single blessing in my life. The gratitude that my heart is beating, the air that I breathe, the honor of my children and the love and compassion that runs through me each and every day to continue to give to others.

This prayer of gratitude has become quite powerful for me  this year, as living in the now and being grateful for every little thing in my life has turned energy to even more miracles. We all know the phrase "Build it and it will come" from the film Field of Dreams. The words I live by our "Be grateful and it will come." The deep understanding to accept what is with gratitude in the giving, is the path that honors the universe, the light and your God. I began this unique ritual this summer, and it has changed my life. I say my thanks, I give my gratitude and release it into the night right before I go to sleep. There are times when I express my uncertainties with life and what I experience each and every day. Yet in my gratitude prayer, I release it with thanks and trust knowing that to live in love with even the unknown, it is to live in the Now.

The energy of thankfulness is powerful. I have seen doors open minutes after giving thanks. I have witnessed a collective awareness of change days after giving and in thanks, asking for nothing in return but a smile and a hug from a child. The thread that runs through all of this is that it is not just in the joy, and the love but also in the darkness and the pain that we must find gratitude. Even in giving up on someone or something, or in a moment of saying goodbye, there is that moment to be grateful. To move on. This is how releasing fear is accomplished, in being thankful for the experience and in gratitude that the light will shine through.

Meister Eckhart once said "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough."

Gratitude is my prayer.

Love and Light...



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