Morning Mantra


First light. It is the most amazing time of the day, when the sun begins to rise in the sky and you can catch a glimpse of the new day awakening before you. I never appreciated morning light as much as I have over this last year. As a photographer I am intrigued with light and all that it embraces, yet until I rose before dawn, and waited for it's brilliance - it did not have quite the significance to me as it does today. My morning mantra has begun and I have started living.

As I begin each morning, I welcome the new day in darkness. There is a sense of excitement within, a sense of wonder as to the light that is about to be revealed. I begin with my yoga and then  meditate as the light begins to peak out of the horizon. I am blessed as I can be witness to this rising right in front of my very eyes. With the connection that I feel to the light and the heat of the suns rays, I have learned to appreciate the darkness and the shadows... for without its presence there would be no awakening to experience.

Life, I have found is very much like the yin and the yang of the light and the dark. It has taken much darkness and facing of my own fears to reach that high level of light, as if I could hold it in my own hands. As if for just one moment, it belonged to me.

My morning mantra now is simple, I am. The mistakes I have made, and the challenges we all face are just merely there to show each of us the brilliance within. I honor each and every day at it's awakening and I follow the voice within that guides me throughout my day. Be the difference to others, show compassion to all no matter what darkness surrounds them. Be the light.

Begin your morning mantra of your own. Awake in peace and be witness of this incredible universe while it still waits in silence. This is your Zen Living.

Love and Light...




"Morning Mantra" photo copyright 2013 by  MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l





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