Holly Greenhow, 7 year old Cerebral Palsy Child Lands UK Modeling Contract


I feel a change. Waking up this morning, preparing to post my blog on autumn and the changes we all go through as a season... there was a change for me. I see hope, I see an empowering light in the smile of seven year old, Holly Greenhow who has been awarded a modeling contract with the United Kingdom clothing company, Boden. The difference here my friends is this. Holly has cerebral palsy. Holly competed against professional children that are trained for modeling, and as some might say have an advantage over Holly, for  being somewhat "perfect". In this ever changing, non perfect world, where over one billion people worldwide suffer with a disability, children no matter what form or shape the disability takes,  needs to be given the same consideration.

Holly's cerebral palsy was caused by prolonged oxygen at birth, and although she is wheel chair bound and just learning to speak, she says "I would play all day, if I could." Holly's mother Fiona was supportive of the pursuit of the auditions as she wants to "Open people's eyes to the fact that there are lots of children out there who aren't perfect." As a message that is heard throughout the world, I applaud companies such as Boden for seeing beyond the visible and bringing a universal light of understanding, compassion and hope for those that are given a little bit more to carry.

Recently, we have seen a change here at The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary with our Kids for Koi program and the difference it is making for a little girl named Rayne, and her challenges with Autism. Rayne, connecting with the Koi, has  inspired so many people, including the Autism Speaks organization in New York, and Grammy nominated singer songwriter Seth Glier. We are blessed to have Holly living her life to the fullest and accepting the challenges each and every day with a spirit that inspires us to do the same.  A challenge is a challenge, and if as a collective world we can make a difference to a child, no matter what their  shape, form or situation might be, we need to do so. It is our responsibility to encourage and inspire each and every child beyond the limitations that are placed upon them. This is Zen Living. Be the difference.

For all the reasons that you might draw someone into your life, one would never be to find their faults.

Love and Light... M


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