An Ethereal Mystery of Lisa Marie Presley Unveiled


Lisa Marie Presley. American Music Royalty was in the house. At last night's concert at Arcada in St. Charles, the ethereal vibrations of this extraordinary voice left the audience mystified. Pure and raw.  Beyond the reality of who's daughter she is, people of all ages came, to honor the little girl that they watched grow up and become an extraordinary songwriter and singer. Exposed with a collective vulnerability that everyone in her presence could connect to, Presley brought tears to the eyes of viewers and a poignant reminder of the empowerment that comes with overcoming obstacles.  The experiences of your life tells a story, and no matter how dark they once were, Presley revealed the acceptance that is part of the mosaic that makes you complete. With a deep voice that tells stories that brought the audience to their feet, Presley gave every ounce of her being to the crowd.


The evening began with Seth Glier, a singer/songwriter and amazing musician that at 24 years old, seems to be carrying the voice and the life experiences of a very old soul. A Grammy nominated artist who's voice reaches the depth of the words he sings. A piercing voice that extended to every corner of the theater.  As the opening act for Lisa Marie Presley...  Glier silenced the audience as his voice rippled through the theater and affected everyone present. "Wild Horses" captivating lyrics  that combined with the sax and vocals of Joe Nerney,  became an awakening when the words were sung "I suggest we do some living before we die. Wild horses couldn't drag me away, wild horses we will ride someday." A journey I won't soon forget, and music that somehow is now within me.

A common thread that binds Seth Glier and Lisa Marie Presley is their dedication with children's foundations. Presley's  charitable outreach partner, World Vision offered a  table in the entrance of the venue with individual photographs of children from all over the world that need sponsors, and the response that night was incredible. Seth Glier also is a National Spokesperson for Autism Speaks.

I have been listening to Presley's music since her debut album in 2003, entitled "To Whom It May Concern" to  her newest "Storm & Grace" and the energy that filters through her is no different than it was ten years ago. Presley was close and personal to all of us in her presence.  For her song "Just a Dream" she tells us the meaning of what she wrote, and as she said "whether you believe it or not, I dreamed I talked to someone" and sings "Were you here last night, we fell in love again or was it just a dream?  The songs have changed, yet as a songwriter her brilliance is from the transformation from the dark to the light and giving that darkness a place in her life story. In all of our stories. That is why last night's concert was meaningful to so many people.  Lisa Marie Presley invites us to see in a different light by unveiling the mysterious and beautiful within the dark shadows. It is after all, just a dream.



Love and Light...



copyright 2013 by  MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l

In an intimate venue that holds 940 seats, the Arcada Theatre was built in 1926 by local millionaire and Chicago Tribune cartoonist Lester J. Norris. In May 2005, new life was breathed into the aging building when Onesti Entertainment Corporation assumed ownership of theater operations. Ron Onesti, as President/CEO of Onesti Entertainment Corporation  produces  spectacular entertainment experiences all over the country and is now bringing Big City shows to the western suburbs of Chicago. Today, the "Gem of the Fox Valley " is back to its original state of elegance, complete with the original pipe organ that rises from beneath the stage floor. The sound is impeccable, bringing a heightened experience of this enlightening artist and all who perform there.


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