Trump Spa, New York - A Zen Experience


Ok. I admit it.  I am absolutely in love with  Zen inspired  showers. Yes, another photo shoot of me in a zen design and this time it's Trump Spa at Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York. Showers... They seem to follow me. Or I attract them.  I know that sounds strange, but it is as if the entire holistic spa, zen design blogs I write about tend to bring me back to what I love. Showers and Baths. It must be the water attraction, or the clean contemporary design, but I fell in love with Trump Hotel and Tower and the organic, holistic approach they created both in their designs and the services they offered.

My intrigue magnified when I heard that he had the pool re-designed a year ago to create a salt pool for the residents and guests. Donald Trump? Hmmm. Who would have thought? The concept of salt to heal goes back thousands of years, and contributes greatly to the healing properties of the "Dead Sea" or as it is known, the Salt Sea that borders  Jordan, Israel and Palestine. The high salinity level is so high that aquatic organisms such as fish and plants cannot live there. Yet, the high amount of salt heals, and is known for curing respiratory diseases, psoriasis and osteoarthritis.  The Dead Sea, the World's first holistic resort, a refuge once for King David, has been brought to us by Mr. Trump and I was amazed at the difference it made to my overall well being.


The salt penetrated through my skin, and at first doing my laps I did not notice the affects that it had on me, until I saw the change in my skin. After spending time in the sauna and returning to the salt pool, it was then that I felt the tingling and felt the healing qualities with an immediate response from my body. Salt heals, I know this... but swimming and immersing your entire body within a strong pool of salt, I had returned to the sea once more. It was as if time returned to my body and I was energized even more than I realized my body needed.  To cleanse the salt from my body within the rain shower was amazing and the spa area is meticulous with every detail of design in place. The stone, the calming lights... even the trained professionals that work there already know what you need.


The Trump Spa offers world class service with no amenity left undiscovered. Fresh orchids placed within the elements of water and ice - an inspiration that revitalized my spirit as well as the treatments for my body. Intense hydrating therapies and luxurious rituals, inspired by the " rhythms of the moon and the sea" that oxygenate, restore, relax and inspire. Thank you, Mr. Trump. My time here was one that has inspired me  to continue this search of healing both for the body and the soul within Zen Living. After all, there are many baths to experience and many showers to discover. With Zen Living it is not the heart or the body but the soul that remembers.

Love and Light...


copyright 2013 by  MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l   photo by: Anthony

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    Zen Living by design is a division of Infrared Light International, a lifestyle design company that enlightens, educates and empowers clients to connect with living an extraordinary life based on the simple elements of nature, water, light and tranquility. Founded by MaryEllen Malinowski in 1994, The Infrared Light Gallery®’s success is based on eastern art, lifestyle, designs, travel and international design concepts that make people’s homes, business and personal well being reflect a simplified Zen Living. "M" is an international award winning fine art infrared photographer, published author, Japanese garden designer and Executive Director of The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary & Japanese Gardens in St. Charles, Illinois. MaryEllen's fine art infrared prints have sold at Sotheby's in New York, and her lifetime dedication to Asian design has developed into her creations of mesmerizing Japanese Garden designs and water gardens that can be found in estate homes and properties in the U.S. MaryEllen's dedication to Living Art, The Nishikigoi of Japan ( Koi) has opened up to an international mission of Koi Keeping. A lifetime pursuit of developing a magazine is in the works and Zen Living by design Magazine will be coming Spring 2015.

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