Until you are satisfied


Water, crystals, salt, soil, stone and wood. Natural elements that restores the body's health. An ancient Asian philosophy that has been in existence for over 600 years. Infused through heat in a myriad of applications, until you are satisfied.

I found my soul again at King Spa and Sauna in Niles, Illinois. The largest Asian Sauna in the United States.  I admit, I was hesitant at first. Knowing that the first requirement was to take off your shoes and the second was to take off all of your clothes, I knew I had nothing else to lose. Well, except my iphone which was taken and put into a locked cabinet.

Hmmm. This is going to get interesting. I had always dreamed of experiencing an Asian hot bath, but this my friends is the absolute experience ever. Ever. After stripping down and locking up my clothes, camera and iphone... I was instructed to shower before entering the hot bath. The hot water and stimulating jets are amazing,  and you soak for as long as you want or as I did... until my number was called and I received the treatment that I am still seeing the results from a week ago.

On the woman's side of King Spa and Sauna, it is all woman. Of course. The men's side, the men. Yet as woman from all cultures and all shapes and sizes come together for the experience of water and healing... something magical happens. I laid on the massage table and was immediately drenched down with very hot water. Then the scrub began. Every and I mean every inch of my body was scrubbed. Front, back, both sides, head, neck and places that I am going to be silent about... because I could not believe the intensity of this scrub and the layers of dead skin that were removed from my body. To restore the body's health, you must remove that which is no longer alive and the skin itself rejuvenates. Bam! More hot water. Flip Over. Scrubbed like I have never been scrubbed in my life. Combined with acupressure massage, this was an experience for my whole body that still, is in awe. Shiny, smooth and renewed. My head and scalp was treated and I left walking away not only with my hair pulled back into an Asian style... but feeling alive and energetic like I have ever before felt. I am so returning for this treatment. And with a slap on the table, I am instructed to move on.

Now, I get to join the others beyond the doors of the female treatment area. Pink shorts and a top were given for me to wear  and as I  walk into this place, I see nine individual unique healing rooms, where I can choose to experience the intensity of the natural elements infused through heat. Really? My first was laying on a wood floor in a room that was so hot that I thought I would get burned. At this point now, it didn't matter. Burn away. I was transforming.  The Stone Room, Pyramid, Charcoal, Base Rock, Bulga Ma, and the intensity of the Fire Sudatorium at 190 degrees to then be placed into the Ice Room.  Serious detoxification.

The private foot massage was soothing to my entire body. I don't know if it was the accumulation of the entire experience or the intensity of the massage yet it was an awakening. There should be a warning. If you want to relieve stress from your body and your mind... get a foot massage at King Spa & Sauna.

I ended my day there having lunch and watching the happy people walking around smiling with no stress at all on their faces. The pressures were gone and their bodies were rejuvenated... and one can stay as long as they want, or as they say: Until you are satisfied. I am.

Love and Light...

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