Enso, The Secret is in the Middle


The enso, is one of the most powerful images within Zen art and has become to represent the minimal, the clean symbolism of the Japanese culture. From centuries ago, in China, Japan and the Far East, the tools of calligraphy and painting have been respected with great honor. Amongst them is the brush, the ink, the stone and the rice paper. Always open, it is known that one can clearly read the mind of the artist from the execution of the circle he draws.


The enso is the center of Japanese calligraphy, as it represents power, enlightenment and the universe. Companies, such as Lucent Technology have created their logo based on the enso philosophy, as each one created is unique and original all within itself. The art of Japanese calligraphy is not to deepen ones experience with Buddhism, or worship any ceremony but to transform ourselves and are place in the universe. The energy is brought forth and expressed and the circle is the wheel that brings it into form. Generations of Masters have worked on perfecting their enso and yet I look within to see that the secret is in the middle of the circle.

It is not the movement of the brush stroke, or the saturation of the sumi (black ink) that is applied, or even the interpretation of the brush stroke. The secret in in the middle, in the center space that one finds the sacred,  As in life itself, we all have an inner circle. Our dreams, our aspirations and those we hold close are held within that center. Given a glimpse of who we truly are, it is a privilege for those who understand the depth of the space that they encompass.

In the middle of the circle there is no judgement, there is no anger or envy. There is no higher religion over another. There is patience, kindness and understanding for each and every particle that exists.  Pure energy where we connect to the source and we know our purpose in this lifetime. The middle of the circle is pure and raw love. We are born into this universe,  become part of  it and the middle is the essence of all that we are.

We dance round in a ring and suppose,  but the Secret sits in the middle and knows. - Robert Frost


Love and Light...

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