Seek out the calm


I think calmness seeks me out. Or possibly it is drawn to me by a necessity that the universe seems to come together and say " We need to do something, create something so that she will stop and embrace the stillness."

The calm before the storm. Bring it on. It was a wild and wicked few minutes last night when a storm ripped through my home and business on the Fox River that forced me to breathe and take a moment. A long moment. Fifteen hours of silence with the loss of electricity to over seventy homes.

Yep. Zero. No lights, no computer. And very limited iphone, ipad and I pad mini access. I even went out at two in the morning to a local gas station, to borrow their electricity to charge my iphones. Seriously? Is this the same Zen person that writes and designs on the aspects of Zen Living?

Yet, there is was. I found it. After only sleeping for a little over an hour last night, I decided to embrace the stillness and take a walk down to the river. The fog was lifting off the water and the ethereal light was mystifying to experience. I stood by the edge and felt an awareness that I miss in my life.

I found the calm. It exists in our everyday life when the world is unplugged.

It takes a force of energy to reveal to me what I needed most.

I found Zen.

Love and Light...

 copyright 2013 by  MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l


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