Everything is possible, no matter what


Sunday is a day of reflection and meditation. It is our day to breathe deeper, laugh harder, and smile bigger  knowing that everything is possible. No matter what. My experiences in this lifetime has been with light. I knew at a very young age, instinctively that Spirit lives in the light. This is the field, the passage way where the entire universe connects. The Buddha within, is the actual seed of creativity and endless possibilities with no limits except what you put on yourself. This silence, this connection to the universal spirit is the Zen Living that no material  attachment can give to you.  In this silent light, you can bring anything to you. Anything. It is the voice of your heart that speaks the truth, not your head. In silence, you can see clearly and know that you can do it. You must feel it in your heart to bring it to you. That is where wisdom lives.

At times, we tend to plan and schedule and fill our time so far into the day and weeks ahead that we forget about the moment of today, right now. It really is all we have. I have learned from walking off my own path, trying to keep up with the demands that others expect, rather that embracing my creativity and the knowing in my heart that every second of my time is a path to endless opportunities if I just stayed in the presence of this moment. Letting your past experiences influence your present moment will inhibit the infinite possibilities that already exist here and now. No matter what the external world might show you, or say to you, know that your heart is what you should believe and trust.

Today, everything is possible for you. Listen to your heart, believe, trust and know that the chaos in your head needs to be cleared. It is my hardest challenge to not let the mind influence the heart. The heart always wins. Find your own way.


Love and Light...




"The Buddha Within" photography copyright 2013 MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l   infraredlight.com  M@infraredlight.com






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    MaryEllen, I just want to thank you for the wisdom that this short blog brings forth. For such a young soul, you have your heart in the right place. Zen will always be with you and thank you for sharing a little of it with this reader.

  • In reply to Mike White:

    Awwww Thank you for your kind words, Mike. Namaste. Love & Light... M

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    Zen Living by design is a division of Infrared Light International, a lifestyle design company that enlightens, educates and empowers clients to connect with living an extraordinary life based on the simple elements of nature, water, light and tranquility. Founded by MaryEllen Malinowski in 1994, The Infrared Light Gallery®’s success is based on eastern art, lifestyle, designs, travel and international design concepts that make people’s homes, business and personal well being reflect a simplified Zen Living. "M" is an international award winning Infrared photographer, published author, Japanese garden designer and Executive Director of The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary. Her mission is to enlighten Chicago and the world to experience Zen Living by their own design. Zen Living by design Magazine coming Spring 2014 M@infraredlight.com www.infraredlight.com www.koiwhispersanctuary.com www.zenlivingbydesign.com

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