The Rare and the Beautiful Have Wings



Zen Living is a simple, selective lifestyle. In an appreciation for the rare and the beautiful there are moments when you see something that  is captivating to all of your senses. Your eyes are drawn to it and you feel blessed to be in it's presence. How lucky am I to see this? Feel this. Know this.

The art of Zen living is about letting go. Truly letting go so that what you see and experience as rare and beautiful reflects the essence of who you are. Why would you want to have or keep something that does not reflect the beauty within you?

At home this is simple, de-clutter. The process is not easy, because as you eliminate what is no longer needed or wanted, the never ending chaos that unfolds can become overwhelming. How could I have all this in storage? What am I saving this for?  Stay focused and simplify the way you live. It feels amazing to let go of the baggage you have been holding onto. If it is useful, keep it. If it is beautiful, keep it. If it is not, it must go.

If you work at an office or even have an in home studio... the concept is the same. Zen it. Simplify. Let go. Once this process begins, the light will come into the room, because it can. It can peak in and be seen, breathe and your life becomes so much lighter. That which you treasure, will be revealed.

I recently received inspiration from someone that I truly respect. The suggestion was to change the color on my walls after eliminating some bulky furniture  at the Zen store in the Koi Whisperer Sanctuary. I freaked. White? That is not Zen. Yet, my friend knew I needed the light. The space, and the essence once again to reflect who I am. "Be white, MaryEllen." I still can hear those words. So, I took the chance. I took everything off the walls, moved furniture, and went to Home Depot. "White? You want to paint your walls white?"  the sales person said. Then there was the whole M drama of which white to choose. Yet, after three hours of painting the walls, and seeing the light come in and the simple elegance of returning to the source of it all, I began to see again.

The rare and the beautiful could be seen. The delicate, single orchid smelled different. The Buddha head art piece was illuminating, the space looked larger and the products in the Zen store came to life. The rare and the beautiful exist. Trust yourself enough to let go, let in, and see the wings. There might just be a Zen angel watching over you.

Love and Light...


photography copyright 2013 MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l



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