Keeper of the Koi

Koi_Zen_Living_Malinowski_AdvertWe never really own anything. Do we? We think we do, but in a way we are just enjoying, borrowing or caring until we pass it on. We find pleasure in the hunt, enjoy the possession of material items, without truly realizing that it's never  truly ours, forever. With my work with the Koi, I try to educate Koi Keepers on  the responsibiity of owning a Koi that can live beyond their years. To care, love and nurture a creature that can be passed onto their children. Our future generations.

I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of strange seeing people collect from a "disposable" point of view. It is as if their appreciation for beauty is limited, and after possessing their chosen art for a certain amount of time, the hmmmm and ahhhh seems to fade to the questions of value and what they can "get for it." Whether it be a fine art painting or the living art of Koi, it is in the history of what we gather and appreciate that truly reflects Zen Living.

Now, not to be mistaken for business... of course people buy and sell. It is in seeing the change in our world today,  that people's values have changed, their mind tells them  there is always something better. There isn't people. Life is sacred, and whether we speak of a child, a rare bonsai or a Picasso... there is not something better than what is right in front of your eyes. What we have drawn into our lives. It is there for a reason and a purpose. We need to examine our core values in life, and lead by example. I rarely hear the words "This matters, I honor this, I treasure, I will care and I will protect.

Esther's Dream PondAnd so, I can only make one small difference. Leading by example. Educating the Kids for Koi Keepers that "this fish maters." It is our responsibility to give it the best care we can. It is only a fish, but it is teaching the kids to respect life, own responsibility and treasure the gifts we have so graciously received. I see the reaction on the children's faces when they interact with the Koi. They have made the connection. They have felt, they have seen, and the communication between the Kids and the Koi is an imprint that will last their lifetime. The Koi seem to be messengers in a way, for us all to learn from. In as much as every Koi is different, we as human are the same, there are no two alike. I see the children as our greatest teachers. I have an incredible amount of faith in our Kids, for they will be the Voice that we will remember. One Koi Keeper at a time.

Love and Light...



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The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary, St. Charles, Illinois



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