Hydration for the Body and Soul

Hydration_Spa_Zen_Living_Chicago_Now_Malinowski It was a transformation, that I can say. An OMG experience. Working with water every day in my business I know the benefits of water and the capabilities to heal. The Hydration Therapy treatment at LA Tan in South Elgin is a a water therapy treatment that not only puts you in a dream like state, but is an oxygen based science that hydrates your body and rejuvenates your skin all while adding vitamins to your body through your skin.

I decided to have the temperature at 100 degrees. It can be adjusted anywhere between 78 -118 degrees, but as I love hot baths so I knew I would handle this temperature very well. The Manager of the Salon prepared the bed, adding minerals, aloe, liquid vitamins A,C,E  into the "hydro station" and also Green Tea and Algae Extract. Algae extract? I thought to myself - I could supply her with tons of algae, as Founder of the Koi Whisperer Sanctuary. Yet, as much as I was nervous, I did my research and knew the benefits would out weigh my nervousness of getting into this machine, naked. Yes, naked.

For about twenty eight minutes I was in this sealed station. At first, I watched the vibrant colored light therapy while listening to the ethereal music she had playing, Chris Errera's "Enter the Twilight." I began to feel a connection to  my body that was very meditative, and  I might say, quite Zen. Was it the music or the temperature heating my body that after a few minutes I began to realize I was entering a "dream-like state." I opened my eyes, quickly to see how much time has past, and honestly - I wanted to see how much time I had left to give my body and mind this much needed, total relaxation experience. Time to let go of all thoughts, and surrender.

As my body temperature heated up, my body began experiencing this pulsation, the hydration was beginning to work on my skin. Pulsating energy, as if a tingling force was absorbing every cell in my body. As I listen to the music, it was at a near mediative state, that the water appeared. The hydration of the warm water, which is caused by the natural radiant heat and steam of this system, gives you the same energy that the earth receives from the natural sun. My body was embraced with this warm water and actually I could have stayed in there for hours. I emerged from this Hydro station totally relaxed with soft skin and my body felt lighter... as toxins have been removed from our everyday pollutants and a natural cleansing had occurred. This is my Zen Living, and a gift to give for your own spirit, body and soul.


Love and Light...



LA Tan is located at 610 Randall Road, South Elgin, Illinois  60177  for more information call 847.608.0800


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