Snow Falls, Just Be


The snow has fallen. We finally have received our fair share here in Chicago. As we continue to dig out today.... let us appreciate this time for what it is, a spectacular moment in nature  and the gift that is is giving us, snow. In all of it's magic, it enlightens our landscape, opening our eyes to a beauty that pours light into a new and fresh perspective of our world. See this wonder with new eyes, and appreciate the gift of living in the now. So how can we just be when the snow falls? How can we live this lifestyle when the people around us are complaining and whining about every and anything they can focus on. Change your focus. 

Zen Living is an extraordinary lifestyle as it conveys the message of awakening and why our universe exists. It keeps us in the present moment giving us the opportunity to examine where, why and how we are living. It is living in the now. It is observing the snow, honoring the gift that we are given, but most importantly staying present and accepting our tasks on hand in that presence.

Yesterday I was challenged. Challenged to stay present in the Zen moment and just be. As I worked for hours removing the heavy snow from my driveway with my shovel, each and every push and lift, I was determined to stay present. I embraced that at this time and date of my life, it was the task at hand. In doing so I looked up and saw and extraordinary dance within nature, as the Japanese pines embraced the snow upon their needles, the squirrels snuggled up high inside their tree top nest, my Great Pyrenees dog, Akari leaping with joy in the deep snow and I, in my moment shoveling in complete peace. No complaining, no aching, just taking the challenge, knowing that this is a gift and focus on the beauty of the moment.

There was so much more I could have done yesterday and so many reasons to complain why I couldn't do them. It snowed and it snowed a lot. Yet the experience in living in the moment yesterday, gave me today. Just be.

Love and Light...


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