One Quote, One Universe


One Quote. One Universe. What a difference a message can make. I was away from blogging for the last two weeks, and as in as much as I missed my writing, I took this time to re-discover my own life that I created and the difference that I thought I was making for others. Recent blogs led up to this break away, yet in as much as I continued to research, photograph and write my stories - whether on a new design concept, a keeper of champion Koi or a water treatment that rejuvenates your body and skin... I found myself getting further away from my own Zen lifestyle. I was simply taking on too much.

The essence of my work was slipping away, and as I tried to find simple joy with my work and friends, I was doing less of what I loved and more of what was expected of me by others. It was in the giving that I thought I would make a difference, and in reality the vulnerability of myself became compromised. I struggled trying to find ways to get back to the Zen lifestyle that I kept sacred my entire life. I was losing it and losing it fast. Where was my time with my own daughters? Where did I find enjoyment in reading or studying my Japanese design books? Meditation or prayer? Even walking my dogs became a chore instead of the joy it has always brought me. This was so not me, it was not my Zen Living.

 One message changed me. One message given in pure love transcended the boundaries that kept us separate. I began to listen I began to hear, and see my life in a different way. There is always magic in the unseen. Very few can see it, and I am blessed for someone who did. Each and everyone has a time and a place in our  life. It was time now, to let go of what was not working and embrace everything that is. Zen Living is by your own design, all the pieces are there to make your life exactly as you want it to be.

In sharing this quote, "One Universe" on facebook, by an anonymous author, I received over eighty likes and 30 comments for thanking my friends for the privilege to meet them. One quote of gratitude that touched people's hearts. One message sent to someone, one smile, even  one hug can make all the difference in your world.  It is a privilege to meet you.

Love and Light...


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  • Just saying thanks wouldn’t just be enough, for the fantastic fluency in your writing.

  • In reply to leonajame:

    Thank you so. Wishing you a beautiful holiday and a new year filled with brilliant love & light... M

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