Hidden Truth


Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. - Buddha

Everything has a way of coming to light. That is what my great grandmother Mary Ellen use to say. Let it be. It seems that I have come to realize an important aspect of living a Zen lifestyle that truly has come to light for me... taking care of your soul. First.

It is wonderful to be a caring and a loving person to others. To give with all of your heart and soul. The hidden truths you spend your time trying to figure out in your head become destructive to your well being and take away from the time that  you could  be nourishing your own soul with. Everything reveals itself in time. It is a hard lesson to learn but your right action is more important than trying to decipher the actions of others. Their karma is their karma. How you react or non react is yours.

People come into your life for a reason, and they leave for a reason too. The hidden truths of the choices they make are theirs for the discovering. Everything has its time and place and it is an awakening when the day comes that everything really does make sense. The pieces fit and the  mosaic finally comes together.

Through difficulties in personal and professional matters, the pain can sometimes feel like your soul has been broken. As a friend recently pointed out a soul cannot be broken, it is just bumped. A bumped soul will heal again. Just like a branch from  a tree gets torn away, it will heal and grow anew. With time, patience and a little love and light... it becomes stronger and taller.

The truth always reveals itself in one way or another. Just as a water lily lies hidden beneath the murky water, it eventually buds and opens to be a beautiful, amazing flower. We can't force the lily to blossom any sooner than in it's own time. We give the lily what it needs, and in time it reveals it's own hidden truth. If only the rest of the world was that easy.

Love and Light...


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