Inspired by Moss


Japanese Moss Gardens, with their vibrant green landscape create an ethereal, mystical atmosphere beyond any other garden design in existence. For centuries, moss has been an element of Japanese garden design, and working with the Masters that created Portland Japanese Garden, I witnessed first hand the knowledge and respect that has earned moss to be recognized as a natural beauty within nature.

It is only in living in the damp, moist shadows... embracing the cool tumbled stones within the forest that when the sun peaks through, a brilliance is revealed.

This brilliance both in color and texture offers inspiration for artists and designers throughout the world. It crosses the boundaries of ancient Japan to lead the path to rain forests and woods across the globe. Moss is the new black. Recently in Modern Luxury Chicago, Botanist/Artist Heather Shouse creates her one of a kind interior moss installations for business clients in the restaurant industry. Artist Lisa Matsunari, who will be featured in an upcoming blog specializes in Moss tables.


Experiencing a Zen moss garden I realized that there is more that exists in our world that we can see. The moss is a messenger that reflects the unseen light that seems to be hidden in the roots of the forest. We walk over moss completely unnoticed by it's beauty. With over 22,000 species of moss in the world, it's sacred time has arrived. I love to work with moss in my designs, and encourage others to work with living moss with their shade gardens, Koi ponds, Japanese lanterns and preserved moss in artwork and installations. As a Zen Living lifestyle designer... it is my honor to introduce you to, Moss.

Love and Light...


copyright 2013 MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int'l


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