Inspired by an Elephant


Inspired by an elephant. Really? Is that all it takes? A spiritual journey to Thailand?  I called Katherine recently to discuss some business opportunities we were working on together, and politely reflected upon the past holiday and asked how she enjoyed it. To my surprise, she shared with me her decision to go to Thailand over December's holiday break to spend her time on a cultural adventure."Thailand... oh how exciting!  I responded. That's a dream of mine to visit there to photograph their hot stone massages and holistic health care techniques." Katherine quickly, and proudly I might add, corrected me stating that her trip was not about stone massages, or hair treatments or deep tissue massages. "I went elephant riding, M. It was an enlightening experience."

I was speechless. Envious a bit, yet so very proud of my friend who chose to put aside the Christmas chaos and journey to a far off land to experience a deep, spiritual connection on a level that most of us only dream of. Was is the elephant or the journey that transformed her? Was it the courage that it took to say "No" to the pressures that are put upon us every December, and say, I chose this. I chose peace, tranquility, adventure and a place where it doesn't really matter that I didn't cook a ham, sip egg nog, wrap gifts or visit friends and family that I see all year long anyways. Katherine took the money, the time and with friends went on a  journey that was meaningful  to her and her well being.

We need to make these choices for ourselves. We need to follow our heart and our deepest desires. It is not about putting our aspirations into a "dream folder" until maybe one day, somehow, some way we can experience them. It truly is about the Now. It is not selfish, it is what we are here to do, it is Zen Living.

I think we can all be inspired by Katherine. I know I am.

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photo courtesy of Katherine Spiller | Steinway Lyngdorf

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