Chinese New Year of the Black Snake


Gong Hei Fat Choi - Happy Chinese New Year of the Black Snake

A new year begins today with the celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Black Snake. It is a year that is destined to be remembered for stories written in time that will be told generations from now. The year of the snake combined with the water element creates an intense energy where life mysteries will finally be revealed. These revelations will bring changes in all aspects of our life. Economically there will be financial success, yet global changes in our world leaders will have a historical impact that we will all witness.

The Chinese Zodiac with the twelve animal signs is based on the year you were born, not the month. It consists of a twelve year cycle, each year which is named after a different animal that represents distinct characteristics of that particular year. It is believed that the year of a person's birth determines their personality, their physical and mental traits along with the success and happiness that they will experience throughout their life.

The Snake is very quiet, but calculating and defined, careful in it's journey while revealing a powerful message with it's presence. The black snake should not be feared in this new year, as the changes it brings in it's energy will finally move people to their highest greatness, inspiring a shift in consciousness in economics, research and passion in the arts. The snake as a symbol of sensual passion will be the driving force for all of us to finally step up and make things happen. It is a time of actually experiencing karma, if you will... that the snake energizes us to see and be the difference of our true selves.  Collectively this passion will create a year that will make all the difference.

The Black Snake has arrived my friends. The water is flowing. Today is your new beginning.

Love and Light...



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