The Way of Tea

This morning I walked to my Buddha Tea House on the Fox River. Chado, the Way of Tea is an art that has been cultivated and preserved for centuries... yet for me awakening from a dream (where I lost one shoe in Japan) was quite enlightening and a walk on new snow to the Tea House was exactly what I needed to embrace. You see, the art of tea making is in the cultivating, preparation and serving of the tea that makes all the difference. It is in the way we approach life that I have found creates the living.

It was not that I needed to brew my tea there, as my modern Zojirushi in my kitchen is exceptional in brewing the right temperature for the selected leaves. My Tetsubin, a Japanese black cast iron kettle and tea warmer is beautiful and a wonderful presentation to share with family and friends throughout the day. Although the Way of Tea is a tradition that was influenced with Zen Buddhism in the 17th century, it is highly recognized today for the healing qualities it offers. Researchers have found the difference in the many varieties of tea that Masters have known for centuries. After years of taking my daughter to Children's Hospitals across the country, including Mayo Clinic and subjecting her to treatments and daily medications that seemed to only manage the disease, it was when I introduced Brielle to "Silver Needle" tea that her health began to change. Today, Brielle is a TaeKwonDo Master and works at Teavana Tea Store... helping others who want to understand  the Way of Tea.

In Zen Living, the harmony, respect, tranquility and purity is the essence of life. It is the way in which we approach every task we take, whether it is chopping wood for a fire, gathering tea leaves, making a beautiful flower arrangement, or selecting fresh vegetables at the local market. It is in the way we choose to simply live in the present that will be the imprint for meaning to our life. It is your walk to the Tea House that is the gift you give yourself,  your children and your family. It is not in finding happiness, but when our life has true meaning. This morning, I left one shoe in Japan... and one day I will return to find it. Namaste my friends.


Love and Light..




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  • You might say our country started with a tea ceremony.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    This is so true. Thank you for your comment! Namaste. Love & Light... M

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