The Power of Words

The power of words. Words, inspired from the subconscious and executed through written or verbal expression has the strength to change someone's life forever. The essence of words as a work of art, whether the vehicle is poetry, or press... research or a simple journal, has a power that is imprinted forever on the soul.

Working from the inside out is a creative force, and the results of words that come together to be read or spoken need to be simplified to a context that first, does no harm. I think there should be a Zen Living check list for thinking before we write, and realizing that words written could bring someone complete joy, or can destroy. Words are that powerful.

The subconscious mind is a composite of everything one sees and hears and throughout our life... any information that we collect. The subconscious mind is the library of all our information, and when we are on overload, and not in a peaceful Zen well being... even the simplest of words can be taken out of context and reflect back to the subconscious memory not directly related to the present moment. In today's society, we tend to react first from those memories, as if in a survival, defense mode.

History is recorded with words. Words brought together become a story that is read and imbedded into the minds of those that quote, follow and dream by them. There are those that are affected negatively as well, such as the bullying and psychotic depression that falls way too far down the rabbit hole. The chaos that we see unfold in our world everyday begins with words. Think of our mind as a garden, and the words are the seeds that we plant. If we continue to feed our minds with negative words we will choke with weeds. The choice of positive words and surroundng yourself with people that lift your spirit with their enlightening choice to express themselves and others will grow flowers in your mind. The flowers will take over the negative words form the past and the Zen Living in the now will begin.

Living in the now of Zen... is a challenge, for it is not in the retrieving of the past or being mindful of the future, but opening our mind to the fresh experience of the words we read and hear in the Now and making the right choice of what we expose our mind to. As if for the very first time.

Love and Light...



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