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Journal to Zen Living -  01 January, 2013. I went to the river early this morning. A promise I felt, that light would come. With my dogs by my side, camera in hand, and faith in my heart, I walked down the cold, dark path. I knew I would find light on this new day. My own awakening - if I just believed. A new day, a new light.

I chose to make today's journal a Zen Living list of how I can make a difference to myself and others in this New Year.

1. Wake up happy. No matter what your day holds for you, start it out happy.

2. Smile... changes those around you.

3. Enjoy morning tea, brewed raw from tea leaves in a cast iron kettle.

4. Meditate - Take time for morning meditations or prayer.

5. Exercise - if even only small stretches, follow through. It is up to your mind to overcome feeling tired.

6. Eat healthy and organic as much as possibly. All food bears the blessings of life.

7. Simplify your living. Keep your home and garden in order. Your home is a refection of you.

8. Do your daily work with a true expression of yourself without distraction. Do not judge, and let go of any negativity that tries to be burdened onto you.

9. Inspire others by making a difference every day. Enlighten those around you, no matter what you have to overcome to do so.

10. Live with integrity and be observant in the present.


It is possible to live a Zen Living lifestyle if we begin to take even one of these tasks and apply it to our lives each and every day. As it repeats, a pattern occurs and you become  strong enough to add another positive aspect of this journal into your very own life. In Zen living, it is all about the mind and the thoughts we focus on. Thinking and meditating can transform your life with immediate, positive results. Life will throw blows at you... yet acknowledge, accept and move on. It is no longer in your presence. Look around... what is my friend? Welcome 2013.


Love and Light... M


copyright 2012 M, Zen Living by design. Photography by MaryEllen Malinowski, Infrared Light International,


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