Art of Shoyeido

As the historical legend will reveal, Japanese incense was discovered over fourteen hundred years ago on a tiny island called Awaji in Japan. This large piece of drift wood, that seemed to have an unusual scent to it was given to the Empress Akiko as a gift. This unique process and art form was carried on through royal  generations in Kyoto and today the Shoyeido incense is still  considered not only the most natural but the highest quality incense in the world.

As you explore the possibilities of living a Zen lifestyle, there are traditions that are still carried on today. A contemporary interpretation is brought into the art form as  highly trained Shoyeido Masters work with the finest ingredients. Introduction to color and form and texture brings new color and raises our senses to a new experience. What once was a subtle incense stick in a Japanese Temple, now transforms yoga studios, spas, businesses and homes through out the world. I love the Shoyeido's Zen Incense line, which is solid wood. It last longer, and with its natural scent  is wonderful to experience during daily meditation or a tea ceremony.

We are honored to carry the Shoyeido incense line, and my clients are in awe at the intricate contemporary presentation of the art of incense that Shoyeido has designed. Keeping the history and excellence of their subtle fragrances, with selections that are purifying to the environment, incense is becoming used more frequently in Zen Living in Chicago. A lifestyle that is an experience that one should take the time to appreciate, if only for one moment.


Love and Light...




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