Ice. Frozen snowflakes that found their way to a forest and captured in infrared light. When you need to search within, there is no better place to see yourself than a forest in December with new fallen snowflakes. It is enlightening to the trained eye, and transcending to the spiritual who can see not what they think they see, but  sees what truly is.

Nature itself reveals messages, as I discovered on my path. With camera in hand, a mystery unveiled to not only display miracles within water, but aspects of life that we experience. It was as if time froze, and allowed me the opportunity to capture the life of a snowflake. Through ice, water, even frozen edges...  we can identify with the messages in the ice, in the fragility of the snowflake.

As this year comes to a close, nature exhibits the happiness  and the sorrow, yet the hopes in the joy of a snowflake dance. It reminds us to accept what is, and above all, love. We exist within this unseen energy, and as we are all connected, we are reminded by the magic of the snowflakes.

Photographs can reveal a Zen lifestyle in a visual way that interprets the fragility of life, love and light in our universe. Through nature, we experience vibrations and the technology of infrared photography gives us a glimpse of the unseen world in a different light of dimension.

As Dr. Masaru Emoto continues his work with the "Hidden Messages in Water", I thought to push this even deeper to see what a snowflake would reveal with my work in infrared light photography. Just as in our own world, you can see the struggles and the joys that exists in our universe through the life of a snowflake. Our world changes every moment, and water is the first to recognize these changes. Water is our messenger of Zen Living. Enjoy your journey.

Love and Light...



copyright 2012 M, Zen Living by design. Infrared photography by MaryEllen Malinowski,




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