The Horizontal Shower - The Spiritual Power of Zen

The Horizontal Shower. The Horizontal Shower. The Horizontal Shower. My mantra for many years and now I have lived to see the day arrive when my deepest design dreams have become a reality. The intuitive home, the connection to water as a spiritual power exists in the energy of a company from Iserlohm, Germany, where the vision of a man named Helmut Dornbracht has carried on through his sons Andreas and Matthias to offer an intuitive, healing approach with water that combined with Sieger Design embraces the spirit and consciousness of our very own soul.

I work with water everyday. I love water. I have traveled to far destinations just to see it's water,  and relocated my family to be closer to it. I am fascinated by it's natural energy and have learned to respect water for the power and energy it carries. Living here on the Fox River in St. Charles, I have seen the water angry and I have seen it at peace. We are one with water. As a healing element it is  known for it's holistic healing capabilities for both humans and animals. Working with the Koi here at the Sanctuary, I experience every day the healing power of pure water.

In Zen Living, Japanese design is minimalistic and water is an integral part of the design. Water purifies our body and renews our spirit, and for far too long here in the United States, the designing of ritual baths and showers has become about hiding the water, not embracing it. Intuitive healing and design has come together with a visionary company that understands the connection between the human spirit and the healing energy of water, and as Dornbracht states  "water becomes the source of spiritual power." With headquarters in Iserlohn, Germany... they have found Chicago... and my heart has grown twice it's size in finding them here. Zen Living lives in Chicago, and I couldn't wait to share their designs  with all of you.  The Dornbracht Horizontal Shower ATT, has an ambiance tuning technique that offers the ease of use and innovative control with the choreographically capabilities that connect music, temperature, an effects with water. Balancing, Energizing and De-Stressing are the three water effects offered and with an eTool control panel... a ring of light offers intuitive living at it's finest. The details of the product line are Buddhist inspired, such as products called Sangha and Sati. Every thread is connected, every drop of water has a purpose.

Now I have a choice, you have a choice. Zen Living is an intuitive design environment where every element of our home and business is about caring for and healing the soul.  Water, being a crystal in liquid form, has the power to do so.  Throughout the world, the water of power is known. Water is what gives us life, our existence depends upon it. Wellness can now be experienced at home through the healing waters and the extraordinary design of the Horizontal Shower. A definite to be included in my next bath and spa design. I can't wait to see their kitchen.

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M, MaryEllen Malinowski, Infrared Light International for Zen Living by design. All photographs copyright Dornbracht 2012




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