The Chosen One - Obama or Romney

In our quest for repairing the damages that we have collectively brought upon us individually and collectively to our planet, at a time of decision making we seek to trust one person to solve the complexities of our times. Signs have been posted, fingers pointed, words shouted and negativity raised to a toxic level. Today, across these united states people gather to have a voice, a choice, surrendering all of their power in hopes that there one vote in their choice for president will be the change that will save us all.

Yes, I support our right as an American to vote. Yes, I have voted today and I take much pride in the privilege that I have to do so. In honoring Zen Living, one works to be responsible for their own choices and priorities and focus on not being sidetracked by what others are doing. In Zen Buddhism it is called right attention. The only true way that your life will change is when you make a difference.

The energy level is extremely high today as the world awaits to see who is the chosen one. The man that the people have selected to lead our country in strength once again. Do we chose to give our attention, our honorable vote to a man who has worked to make a difference and needs more time? Or do we chose to select a man that truly believes he can be the difference. We are a nation of different colors, styles, textures and placement ... and a spirit will rise no matter who is chosen.

Making a difference is all we are consciously responsible to do. We are each here to contribute, in our own way to the entirety of the whole. Smile, knowing that you are.


Love & Light... M


All photographs copyright 2012 M, MaryEllen Malinowski, Infrared Light International for Zen Living by design.



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