Black Friday Turkey Ugly

Black Friday Turkey Ugly. It has come and gone and we have all witnessed the human spirit at it's very best, or worst. There was no where to hide from the chaos. the marketing and advert frenzy that has taken over our nation this week.

To experience more news on televisions, electronics and Christmas gift buying deals, more so than the blessings that we, as a human race should be thankful for was sad. The words spoken Thursday morning was gratitude that Target opened at 9 pm on Thursday, and can we have dinner early to get out on our shopping mission? Newspapers, networks and the internet were toxic with articles and stories covering the deals of these pre-Black Friday events... or as I have come to call it, Black Friday Turkey Ugly.

I admit it, it seeped into my very own home, my Zen Living lifestyle that I am so blessed to share with my family. Vegetarian, I conformed and cooked a turkey for my family. Yet to organize our dinner, with the stuffing, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables around a time that my daughters could get out to shop the early bird Black Friday deals, the deals of all deals... on Thanksgiving evening, was a a complete surrender for me.

What are we teaching our children? The American frenzy this Thanksgiving made international news showing film coverage of the chaotic behavior and greed that we as Americans have for these retail promotions. People in lines, crazed with a determination as if they were fighting for their last loaf of bread. Yes, there are amazing "deals" out there... but how many televisions do we really need? What message are we revealing on this national holiday of giving thanks and honoring our family and country? Our American dinner of thanks, has turned ugly, Black Turkey Ugly. As we all sat at the dinner table, with the warmth of the blessings surrounding us... holiday lights glowing on the tree, candles lit and the smell of good food in the air, we are blessed. Blessed beyond any measure.  In tradition, we each spoke of what we are thankful for. I watched my daughters faces as they  spoke of love, family, health and education. Whew. No talk of the crazed carts and waiting in lines and the news coverage of people sleeping outside overnight for a 349.00 flat screen television if you were one of the first ten that walked in the store. It was one dinner of zen living, with a joy that I breathed in and held close to my heart. Maybe it is imprinting... raising my daughters with the awareness that they are a rare gift and that it is their responsibility to make a difference in every way they can with complete gratitude for the life they are living. In nature, this is instinctive.

Teach your children well. It is not about denying our youth or our country material gifts. It is not about giving up anything, it is the intention of our actions that is Zen Living. Right action. A black turkey chick is born, it is  imprinted with everything that is needs to survive by it's parent, whoever that may be. I saw this on our Thanksgiving, as my daughters returned from their Black Turkey shopping experience... with an electronics device that they purchased at an amazing price, I will agree. To give unconditionally to someone else, who has given up everything to help our family, this was their thoughts, that he deserved to be given this gift. No other item was purchased, just this one purchase, and they put their money together to be able to give this gift. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas they said to him, all because they could. This makes Black Turkey not so bad after all my friends.

Love & Light...




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