Zen Living Plays in the DIRTT

One of my recent blogs "Finding Zen Design in Chicago" received such a positive response I thought it would be the perfect time to share with all of you a brilliant company that is here in Chicago that truly encompasses the soul of Zen Living. Meet DIRTT. It is great to share my ideas as a Zen lifestyle designer, but the inspiration for me often comes from the companies I am honored to work with. The applause, or bows if you may, should be given for their vision to encourage sustainability in environmental design. Working in the aquatic design industry with Koi, I was immediately drawn to DIRTT's Breathe a (patent pending) simple system for incorporating plants into DIRTT Walls.  Designing a living wall, or vertical gardening which can incorporate Breathe will bring nature indoors and beautify and detoxify interior spaces, while giving limited space room to grow.


DIRTT's mission is an environmental approach to green living. It is changing the way we look at our interior spaces both in residential and commercial construction. I love my experiences at DIRTT's GLC ( Green Living Center) and each and every time I visit, there is always a new perspective I discover in making a difference with my own designs. Located in the historic Helene Curtis building, with tall glass windows, Zen stone gardens overlooking views of the Chicago River.... I am in awe. The DIRTT modular designs that are installed at their GLC are organic, clean and simple...  a Frank Lloyd Wright feeling of space. An interconnectedness of people and nature is evident in every element of their designs and their story. The DIRTT story is simple. Stop adding to the problems and be the solution. DIRTT Environmental Solutions is a modular wall system approach to design that is based from a green approach that less is more and efficiency is key.  At the center  of the solution is a set of simple yet robust interconnecting  elements that support the customer's individual designs and customization with a quick delivery of 4 weeks for completion.  This approach is key in ensuring the successful installation of a custom solution in a short period of time. DIRTT's devotion to the environment is setting new standards in modular design solutions that will benefit everyone - from designers that are looking for environmental solution in both residential, and commercial. DIRTT can be found making a difference in the design of health care and school system environmental solutions. The final results are brilliant both in function and design.

DIRTT Founder, Mogens Smed after decades in modular construction decided in 2005 to "Do It Right This Time" and  set a new standard for intuitive construction with modular and adaptable walls that embrace powerful environmental solutions. Based in Calgary, Canada,  DIRTT Environmental Solutions is restoring the building industry by replacing out dated construction with sustainable, pre-engineered modular walls and systems using their interactive, 3-D ICE software platform which lets designers focus on their vision for the project, while ICE does all the work.  Amongst many recognitions, in 2010 Mogens received an award for Individual Achievement from the American Society of Interior Designers.

If one company can make a difference in our world, for our planet, so can each of us. It is about choices and being courageous. Seeing the world in a different way, we can begin to do it right, by what I see... as transparent Zen Living.


Love & Light...



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Photos: MaryEllen Malinowski, Infrared Light International - copyright 2012  PHOTO with M: Tina Guy-Skoller, DIRTT REP 312.245.2870

Photo permission given by:  DIRTT Environmental Solutions, www.DIRTT.net   Courtesy of : Lindsay Hartsock,  Architectural Specialist CORPORATE CONCEPTS| ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS  312-670-0230 ext.212

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