The Intuitive Home

Immersed in the world's view of materialism, we find it difficult to adapt to our ever changing world while staying grounded in a simpler, Zen natural way of living. We find that the demands of the constant daily changes, pull us away from living the simple life that our soul cries out for. We need to embrace the changes of technology and create our life simply, that functions and works with us -  not against our individual, organic flow. As we begin to see ipads integrated into the walls of our home and business, with companies such as premiere systems and Savant - managing everything from security to sound and television... these same devices will be utilized to simplify and embrace our own zen living.

Everything that we hear, see, feel and experience in our universe is connected with light. The Intuitive Home in our future, and we will move from a Smart Home concept as it is called today into a fully integrated Intuitive Home and Lifestyle system that bridges the functions of our home, business and health life style. Our entire well being.

It was an honor for me to attend the lecture of world renown Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and author of Physics of the Future and Physics of the Impossible. Dr. Kaku gave the keynote address about the Intuitive Home of the future at the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) Expo in Indiana.

“Your bathroom will have more computing power than a hospital does today,” he notes, describing how sensors in the toilet will measure enzymes and proteins in your waste and urine to determine what you have eaten, or even if you have cancer." Technology has improved to a level where translucent devices carry information and technology is within your mirror, behind your invisible speakers and in voice recognition.

  Dr. Kaku discussed that chips will be the device that controls and manages our lifestyle, and the cost will be just one cent each by the year 2020. That low cost will allow chips to be placed everywhere in the home and office, including walls, ceilings, kitchen, and even the toilet. Each of those areas of the home will be integrated into devices that will simplify and communicate in a  broader spectrum that is beyond the visible of what we see today.

Some find this surreal and even uncomfortable to process, yet working with infrared light for over eighteen years, I know first hand that there is a light and energy that is beyond what we see. It was only with specialized film and cameras that I could capture light that was invisible to the human eyes. So listening to this brilliant man, Dr. Kaku reconfirmed to me that which I always felt and believed and now see that the quantum physics and cellular light that exists is not beyond the reality of improving our world.

How does this brilliant knowledge apply to Zen Living? No matter what we as human beings do to our planet, nature always finds a way to restore itself through it's own natural cleansing. It is in this invisible light and energy that we can study, learn and grow so that the intuitive home that lies within will reach all of us and truly change our world for the better. The Intuitive Home in the days and years ahead will be simple, organized and everything will be at the touch of a button. This is the future of Zen Living.

Love & Light... M



all photography copyright 2012 M, MaryEllen Malinowski/Infrared Light International


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