Water - The Wisdom of Zen Healing

Water is life. There is no other substance on this earth such as water. It is contained with an energy that transforms itself quickly and can be discovered in liquid, solid and even gas forms. It is the key to our healing. We come from water and are drawn to it by it's mysterious nature. In it's purity, we seem to see the truth and feel a spiritual cleansing like no other. In nature, it acts as an electromagnetic messenger to all life forms. Water pours life into every breathe of existence.

According to Buddhist wisdom, that which can be seen has no form and that which cannot be seen has form. We see the still and moving waters and the form in which it is shaped... yet it is the energy that water contains that give us the gift of healing. It is in the collective powers of water, that ancient cultures have known for centuries that our lives are made possible, and even healed, by the movement of an unseen energy within water.

  The memory of life arrived  on this earth is carried by the soul of water. - Masaru Emoto

There are countries and cultures dedicated to utilizing the healing benefits of water. The Japanese tradition of hot springs, the Chinese with their body and beauty rituals. In Asia, with the ancient spa and homeopathic treatments, the world is your healer. Nature and water healing go hand in hand. From the rain forests to the coral reefs, water is our teacher and our healer.  Here in the West, we learn from Eastern philosophies and try to blend them into our life, somehow in some little way. It is not a daily ritual to honor water as they do in other countries. Yet, we are learning the necessity to honor water in our lives, beyond carrying bottled water. There are spas, holistic centers and hydrotherapy therapies here in Chicago that are beneficial to healing your body. Yet our lakes, rivers and seas, our pools and ponds... are revealing a gift to us. We can make a difference by first being aware of the wisdom that water carries, the message the water reveals to you.  Then the healing will begin. Water is the mirror of your soul.


Love and Light.. M


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