Butterflies are free

What an experience life can be. In every waking moment, and even in our sleep... we are always thinking and worrying about days, events and people in our lives. We fill our heads with worry, contemplating the what if's and what to do's.... all while wasting time in the present moment. I find myself lately, doing the very same. My mind will not shut itself off... even in my sleep, I am dreaming of events and thinking about the possibilities or even fears that stress my life. It seems that even in meditation it takes longer to slow down and reach that place, that level of peace where one can hear the quiet whispers and the knowing seems to be simply revealed. So even though I live the Zen life.... I have an off day or two. We all do. It is in the realization that we see the light.

Butterflies see the light. They are attracted to it and know that in their moment, they are simply, butterflies. Butterflies do not try and be more than who they are - or worry or stress that the sun might not shine today or where will they fly tomorrow? They live in their butterfly moment. They are free. In talking with a dear friend of mine, she made me realize that I need a butterfly moment. And so do you. Just to let go of everything that weighs you down, holds you back and be free like the butterflies. If even for just that moment. Live in the light and know that the worries are taking away your moment, your perfect butterfly moment. I tried this today and I felt a burden lift. A weight of worry and frustration that was crippling me and my creativity.  Be a butterfly. Just be you. Be free. Let go of anything and everything that has nothing to do with your Zen moment. That, my friends will make all the difference. I can't wait to see you fly.


Love and Light... M






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