In Chaos, Seek Zen

With the events throughout the world, and most recently in Colorado this past week... the tragedies seem to be building stronger and our hearts have become a bit heavier. As the world of television and radio seems to feed off these events, there comes a moment, when the only resolution for one's own spirit is to find peace. Do not breathe in the gossip that you hear, the descriptions that you read, or the fear that can easily take over your spirit. It is a very hard choice to make, but after accepting what has occurred, shut the television off, change the channel on the radio, throw the gossip magazines in the trash... and you will find Zen.

I did just that this week... finally after I could not bear to watch the news anymore. To see the repeated tragic images and hear the stories of the pain of people suffering can be so overwhelming as it continues to affect so many people. I shut the TV off and took my dogs for a walk to my river's shoreline. As I walked down the path, trying to let go of the thoughts that seemed captive in my mind of another horrific event, I took a deep breathe, and looked up, and looked out and looked all around to try and see how I could see Zen. Looking at my Great Pyrenees puppy, who at 17 months old, has always feared water, I looked at her and said "Akari... it will be ok I promise." And for the first time, ever... Akari took a plunge into the river and decided that she could swim after all. In watching her joy jumping, playing and being free, I was reminded that feeling happy, feeling  joy and feeling safe is really a state of mind after all. A Zen state of mind.

It is in the no fear zone that we experience it. Zen Living cannot exist in a fear based state of mind. Zen is the absence of fear. So how do we design our lives to live without fear when it seems the world and all of it's chaos is closing in around us? Simply, Zen. Experience it, take it in, hear, live and see it... yet let it go once you have acknowledged it. You have to let it go.

It is in the knowing that there are countless expressions of love and light occurring simultaneously at the same time even when a negative event has taken place. It is what you focus on, think about, that your spirit breathes, your mind retains and your body responds to. Another terrible tragedy has happened, and one will again. Yet a baby was born, a flower bloomed and a life was saved.

It will be ok my friends, I promise.

Love and Light... M


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