Still upset about the election? Live your life away from media—you’ll feel better.

Still upset about the election?  Live your life away from media—you’ll feel better.
Clinton voters' post election hangover continues

You voted for Hillary Clinton.  It has been a week and you’re still a mess.  You’re panicked!!  You can’t calm down.  You’re watching the news and see that the KKK had a victory march, Michelle Obama was called an ape in heels and you are watching every single violent incident against a minority group with a Trump hashtag attached to it.

The world is completely off its rocker!!

To my friends who are still freaking out about the election-- get your nose out of your phone!  Take a break from the news. Don’t watch television; certainly don’t watch the news; turn off CNN, Fox and MSNBC.

Your brain needs a break.  It has been churning nonstop for the last seven days with the undercurrent that the world is going to end, that racists/sexists/homophobes have elected Donald  Trump president and you can’t believe that you live in a country that would do such a thing.

I ask that you listen to Aaron Rodgers: R E L A X.  Breathe deeply.  Step away from your phone.  You are doing yourself a disservice scrolling the internet looking for crap that PROVES EVERYTHING YOU’VE THOUGHT THE LAST SEVEN DAYS!!!! at 11:00pm before you go to sleep.  You go to bed mad and anxious.  You wake up mad and anxious.  You live your life mad and anxious.

Stop it!

Call up a friend and go have a cocktail.  Go have several.  See a movie.  Play with your children.  Hang out with your spouse or significant other.  There are so many things you could be doing, all of them better for you, than ruminating on an election that is over.

Get away from your phone.  Because if you want to think America is going to hell in a handbasket, some media outlet will allow you to see Klansmen doing stupid shit with Trump logos emblazoned on their hoods.  There are plenty of idiots out there.  And the media will find those idiots and report to you that these idiots represent Trump voters and the perhaps general public.

They don’t.

Just like seven idiots burning an American flag at a protest do not represent Hillary Clinton voters.  The media will find morons and put the camera on them and allow all of us to draw the conclusion that all Trump voters are racists or all Hillary voters are flag burning commies.

It’s not true.

Get off your phone.  Stop watching the news and live in reality.  Touch somebody.  Be the person you were before the election: Be good to others.  Be good to the people in your community.  Be helpful.  Treat others the way you want to be treated. Should you see it, stand up to hate or bullying in your community.

Focus on being present at home.  Focus on being with your family, roommates and friends.  Pretend it’s 1993.  WiFi doesn’t exist.  Put down the phone and have a conversation.  Do something.

But if you stay on your phone looking for trouble, you’ll find it.  And I’m confident the trouble you’ll find doesn’t represent reality.

Let me give you a theory: Put on CNN and you’ll have a Republican strategist and a Democrat strategist.  They are asked 10 questions.  They will disagree on all 10 questions.  All 10 of them.

Now, put me in the room with a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  Give us the same 10 questions.  I bet you we’ll find agreement on three or four of those questions (I’m borrowing this from Charles Barkley; this is his theory and he’s absolutely correct).

These strategists get paid to fight.  That is why they are relevant.  They aren’t here to solve problems or find consensus.  They’re given to us to prove not only that the nation is divided more than ever, but that the other half of the nation is a bunch of idiots.

Growing up in Chicago, I liken this to the Cubs, Sox, Bears phenomena.  Each summer, we go to our respective sides and root for the Cubs or Sox and think the other side is a bunch of morons.  Historically, once football season rolls around each baseball team is irrelevant and the fanbases comes together– arm-in-arm, brothers again– to root on the Bears.

Unfortunately, in the game of politics, the sides aren’t coming together.  And it’s right wing media and left wing media that wants to keep us apart.  I purposefully put myself in front of the Fox News television at the gym when I’m on the elliptical to enhance my workout (my heartbeat goes up 15 beats per minute watching that crap) and most of the time they find the most ignorant Democrat leaning people and put them on camera as representative of Democrats.  That channel rarely does stories about a Republican in a negative light; an uninterrupted speech by Barack Obama is run at 2:00pm, whereas one by Trump is run at 6:00pm.

The same is true on MSNBC.  You want to see President Obama hung in effigy?  Rachel Maddow will show it to you.  You want nonstop coverage on how great President Obama is?  You’ll find it on MSNBC.

And that doesn’t teach you anything.  It just confirms what you already believe.  And keeps you in fear.  Fear of those morons on the other side of the issue.

But those morons are also Americans.  Those morons are people you know.

And those morons think you’re a moron.

Why?  Because Sean Hannity/Rachel Maddow/insert name of media member who makes MILLIONS keeping us apart and ignorant wants you to think that way.

That’s why you have to turn it off.  It only exacerbates your situation.

And now, you’re still sitting there sulking.  I see you over there!  When you’re done reading this, share it with your friends who are still down in the dumps, then put your phone down, turn to someone and have a conversation.  Take a walk.  Go workout.  Be present wherever you are.

And keep doing it. And after you feel more like you, put on the news so you watch Tom Skilling continue to break his record for longest weather segment EVER.  I have watched hair grow in less time than Tom Skilling takes to get around to whether it will rain tomorrow.

And then eventually, go back to Rachel Maddow.  But before you do, talk and more importantly listen to someone who watches Bill O’Reilly (not Hannity– that guy is nuts!); you might find more consensus than you think.

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