Where in Sam Hill have you been?

Where in Sam Hill have you been?
Dated photo of me in a favored pursuit.

How do I even do this?  It has been so long since I’ve written anything, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to do it.  Will I even remember Your Doubting Thomas’ password to post this?    So let’s start by answering the first query, where have I been?  On the eve of my 41st birthday, my family has moved twice (sold our Chicago home, rented an apartment and then purchased our suburban home) and I opened my law firm, Thomas Law.  Much of my time is has been devoted to practicing law, building my firm, and being a father of two children, now five and two, not to mention packing and unpacking boxes.  When I’m not doing one of those things, I’m usually found in a vegetative state on the couch with a loop of Bubble Guppies on the television.

Although not intentionally, I have snubbed my wife, her finding me drooling in a number of places in our home, including but not limited to: the aforementioned family room couch, the living room couch, my daughter’s floor, my son’s bed, and the guest room bed.  I’ve regularly made it to our bedroom, only to fall fast asleep before 10pm (eastern).  So in the last year, you could find me in the office, out networking (which to a spouse means “eating, drinking and having fun with someone other than me”), parenting, and sleeping.

And commuting.  I can’t forget the commute.

So when I’m out and people say: I love your writing, but I haven’t seen you write anything in a long time, I take both the compliment and the hint.  I’ll peel myself away from work for an hour or out of my horizontal position and put my butt in the chair and write something.  I’ll write ANYTHING, even like the last two and a half paragraphs of dribble just to get me started again!

With the Illinois primary election one week away– and early voting going on now– there are plenty of topics to write about.  I think I’ll likely get started with why, for the first time in since perhaps 1994, I’m pulling a Republican ballot in next week’s election.  Illinois is broken.  Illinois has been broken for some time.  The options are only two: move or fix it.  Governor Quinn had his opportunity to fix Illinois– with a tax increase and supermajority to boot– and failed to stabilize our state’s finances.  So, I intend on pulling a Republican ballot next week and voting for someone who, at the very last, will shake up Springfield.

Who???  “Do tell,” you ask!  To find out: Read the next post!

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