Jim Oberweis

DONE AND DONE!  Rauner holds on to win the Republican nomination. 41% to 37%

Now that Dillard lost again, is it HIS fault or is it the fault of one of his opponents (AGAIN)?

Is the Rauner/Dillard race good news for Quinn?  Or is it just more Republicans voting for the moderate Republican vs the RINO?

How much money did Bruce Rauner spend?  What would his firm say about ROI considering he's in a dog race?

In Downers Grove: Matune up over incumbent Sandack  (Republican who changed his marriage equality vote) 3217 to 3167 with 47% in.

Will politically powerful Toni Berrios (five time incumbent, backed by Mike Madigan and daughter of Joe Berrios) lose the primary for the 39th district to Will Guzzardi?  With 59% of the vote in, she’s down 60% to 40%.  Old school dirty politics not working Joe?  ANSWER: YES.  Berrios concedes.

Oh well: I won't have another opportunity to vote for Kirk Dillard.  Not a bad thing.  I should have voted for him four years ago.

Dillard would have had a big problem with money on hand to start defining Quinn in the next four weeks.  Quinn's ready to fight to GOP nominee tomorrow.  Dillard would have had to fundraise to fight.

Whereas Rauner will just write a check.

There is something dirty about Rauner basically buying an election--- but hasn't that what Dems have done for years?

OBERWEIS WINS!  AP calls it.  Oberweis wins.

Where are the Republican votes???   With 71% of the ballots in, Tio Hardiman (79,400) would STILL beat Bill Brady (78,700) and Dan Rutherford (38,400).

Oberweis is also on his way back to his wife's home in Florida.

If Jim Oberweis is worried about the relationship he has with his wife maybe he should move to Florida!?

"WHO ARE YOU?"  WGN political reporter Marcella Raymond  should know who 1st Ward alderman Joe Moreno is.

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