New Year– and New Chicago Parking Meter Rates

New Year– and New Chicago Parking Meter Rates
Chicago Parking Meter

Mayor Richard M. Daley: the gift that keeps on giving.

Even if you did not resolve to continue getting nickeled and dimed by local government in 2013, you will.  Due to the 75 year deal our old *friend* Mayor Daley signed (prior to ramming it through the spineless City Council), parking meter rates increase again today.

In the loop– bordered by Wacker Drive, Lake Michigan, and Congress Parkway– the rates increase from $5.75 per hour, which is already the most expensive in the country, to $6.50 an hour. $6.50!!!!  That amount is utterly ridiculous!  That is now the most expensive rate in North America.  Thank former Mayor Daley for that!  Inside the central business district (and outside the loop)– bordered by the lake, Roosevelt Road, Halsted and North Avenue– rates increase to $4.00 from $3.50 an hour.  Everywhere else sees an increase of 25 cents to $2.00 per hour.  Chicago enjoys the highest street parking rates in the nation.

This is the fifth consecutive year parking rates have gone up.  The $2.00 per hour it costs in the neighborhoods is more than most downtown areas in other cities.

In 2013, like 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009... our state and local governments have resolved to continue taxing us to death.  Happy New Year Chicago.


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  • Thank you for the update.

  • As opposed to thanking Mayor Emanuel for your water rates going up, or, if you are strange enough to use CTA to avoid the parking meter hike, for CTA passes to go up, even though he said there wasn't a fare increase.

    Personally, I never had a need to park a car at a metered space downtown.

  • Thanks for the info and also for the article. Parking is not easy here in Chicago and now it's even more expensive than it was before. PAIN! We use SpotHero and Faspark to ease the pain. Works pretty nicely!

  • the worst part of the new rates is not that they are so high, but who gets the money. by now everyone should know that the parking meters have been privatized and the private company that owns and manages them and continues to raise the rates is a foreign company . that company is run and funded by the sovereign wealth fund of the Kingdom of Abu Dhabi. Remember when Mayor Richard M. Daley traveled to Abu Dhabi in February, his office announced that the trip was intended to sell Chicago as a place to do business. Left unsaid was that that Persian Gulf emirate was about to become one of the biggest investors in a deal to lease Chicago’s parking meters for 75 years. ABU DHABI is an oil rich country ruled by a hereditary monarchy. obviously not a democracy. AD has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world and the money from our meters is keeping them there.

    think about that the next time you have to pay for metered parking. Also think about the fact that a foreign country owns part of Chicago's streets. Now if that doesn't hurt enough, let me give the knife another twist. The Illinois legislature has passed a law ending free parking for the handicapped. This goes into effect in 2014, thus protecting this foreign owned monopoly over our meters from loss of revenue from anyone, even the disabled.

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