Election Day Ramblings: Missing Tim Russert, voting for the president, the Supreme Court, and Tea Party example of post election involvement

Election Day Ramblings: Missing Tim Russert, voting for the president, the Supreme Court, and Tea Party example of post election involvement

--I really miss Tim Russert.   In my mind’s eye, he is with his white board that says “Ohio Ohio Ohio”  

--Listening to the news this morning, my wife, Amy, and I were pretty nervous about President Obama losing tonight.  I still don’t feel great about Ohio and if the president loses Ohio, he could lose the election. 

--It is going on 12:00pm Central Time and I’m feeling a bit better.  At the very least, I haven’t found myself in an emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack, like I did after I voted in 2004.  Diagnosis: anxiety attack. 

--Maybe I also feel OK because it appears turnout is high.  I think that favors the president.  (Then again, as I told Amy, I could be completely wrong). 

--My wife and I voted for the president this morning.  We brought our soon to be four year old son.  He walked in looking for President Obama.   I like the tradition we started.  He will vote with us from here on out.  Our 10 month old daughter will too, once she’s older.   There were other kids at the polling place too, which made me proud of the people who shared the importance of voting with their children. 

--Yes, I live in Chicago; but it did NOT appear the children were voting.

--I hope the president wins.  Here’s why: if he loses, I think less will get done.  If Democrats choose to use the Republican playbook with a Romney Administration—do nothing and hope the economy/country gets worse—then Washington will never get anything done. 

--Another reason I hope the president wins: The Supreme Court.   The Court’s decision in Citizens United really bugs me and we could end up with an even more conservative court with a Romney Administration.  Ironically, that more conservative court would also be an activist court.  One female friend who is a GOP activist thinks I’m crazy to be worried about Roe v. Wade, as her interpretation of more recent Court decisions weigh on funding for abortion rather than availability.   If Romney is elected, I hope she’s right.   

--I am ecstatic that I will not be hearing political advertisements tomorrow.

--If you live in Illinois’ Eight Congressional District: VOTE TAMMY DUCKWORTH!  Joe Walsh had his fifteen minutes to scream into a microphone.   He’s great at screaming, but we need people who in Congress who will also listen.  Joe doesn’t listen too well.   

--After you vote, your job doesn’t end.  The Tea Party is an excellent example of continuing the political discourse after an election and having their voice heard.  So stay involved after the election. 

--The Tea Party is also an example of what NOT to do.  The Tea Party was so busy screaming that it failed to listen.  Don’t close your ears.  Listen.   Watch.  Read.  Then come to your own conclusions.   But even after you came to those conclusions—continue to listen. 

--An exercise my high school English teacher, Ms. Davis, did with my class years ago still sticks with me.  She gave us three different articles to read on the Tet Offensive.  Reading them it sounded like there three different battles, with different winners all under different circumstances.   The message: Read everything and come to your own conclusion.  Fox News is good if you watch MSNBC and CNN too.


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  • With regard to the 12:00 p.m. item, if you do, say hi to Svengoolie (reference to yesterday's post by Count Gregula). On the other hand, if you wake up in the ER seeing Sven, that probably will kill you.

    Otherwise, like my attitude toward the hot stove league, at this point I'm not interested until it is over. At least I am glad that some polling organizations said that exit polling is no longer valid in light of early voting.

  • Don't close your eyes? Watch? Listen? Read.

    You did so with regard to President Obama and see a man who tells the truth and who kept his promises? Even Obama's last big promise: to make sure NYC and NJ get what they need from the federal government has failed, but you would never know it listening, watching and reading the national media.

    I guess it matters what you watch, who you listen to and what you read with your eyes wide open.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Hey, Richard, read Drive She Said today.

    Romney is just a big money grubbing hypocrite.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I've listened to Romney and he hasn't answered some very basic questions, like: What tax deductions are you going to cut? Because he won't answer, I will presume I won't like the answer.

    If the most basic component of his economic plan is to lower taxes-- and doing so without increasing the deficit, he should be able to answer the question of "How are you going to do it?"

  • In reply to Brian C. Thomas:

    I've been chasing Richard all over Chicago Now in the past 30 minutes. But the fun is over.

  • In reply to jack:

    Good night last night Jack. I went in very nervous and went to bed relieved.

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