What does Representative Joe Walsh care more about, his family or his congressional seat?

What does Representative Joe Walsh care more about, his family or his congressional seat?

One question I have had for the last few weeks is: Who the hell would vote for Joe Walsh?

And now in response to Tammy Duckworth’s charge that he’s a deadbeat, he parades his son out for a press conference as cover.

Its like the old Dusty Baker trick of having his son sit on his lap in press conferences after big losses. A convenient heat shield.

To steal a line from the cartoon Fat Albert: Joe Walsh is like school on Saturday... no class.

Apparently Joe Walsh believes Tammy Duckworth "crossed a line" by labeling him a deadbeat in mailings and television commercials.

Like Joe has never crossed a line.

Remember, Joe’s basic message is for government fiscal responsibility. Yet, last year he was sued by his wife for being a deadbeat dad, failing to pay roughly $117,000 in child support– which has since been settled for an undisclosed amount.

It’s not like Walsh wasn’t dealing with the label "deadbeat" back when the child support issue was resolved. Joe Walsh and his former wife issued a joint statement saying Walsh "is not and was not a deadbeat dad" after the matter was resolved.

So it’s not like this charge was just leveled at him. Telling his child to "take his time" at the podium as he read from a prepared letter, Joey Walsh asked Tammy Duckworth to stop attacking his father’s integrity.

If Joey Walsh’s father was Paul Simon, or some other statesman, maybe his plea would hold some weight. The problem is Joey’s father is a classic bully. No, make that classless bully– putting his son on the firing line for his own failings is more proof of that. What father does that? He should care more about his child than his political career.

If there was something genuine about it, he could have taken Joey’s letter, called Tammy Duckworth and politely asked her to stop the commercials. He could have privately sent the letter to Duckworth. Instead, this guy holds a press conference and parades his son out before cameras.

It’s sick.

Last week, I couldn’t imagine a reason to vote for this guy. Now, he’s just proven that he’s far lower than the guy I couldn’t imagine voting for last week.

Please people of the 8th Congressional District- put us out of our misery. Vote this guy out of office!


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  • "Who the hell would vote for Joe Walsh?"

    If they live in the district, Publius and Richard Davis.

    I don't have a vote in that district, but even without the gerrymandering, I predicted that Walsh was going to lose, and stand by that, even though I don't have much use for Duckworth, either. But, as the Department of Redundancy Dept. affirms, I don't have a vote in that district.

  • Thanks Jack for the laugh. I really don't get Joe Walsh and I'll just leave it at that.

    And like you, I don't have a vote in that district either.

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