Presidential Hangover: How President Obama’s debate performance got me plastered

Presidential Hangover: How President Obama’s debate performance got me plastered

As I slowly came to at about 5:30 in the morning, I felt like crap.  I’m in my living room (it is my living room, right?), watching a blue screen.  I put my foot on the floor to stop the room from spinning and hit an empty 16oz Old Style Cubs can.  Geez, it’s hot in here!  That’s when it came back to me.  Last night’s presidential debate drinking game.  I had to drink every time President Obama said “Uh….”

Viewing my living room floor—it all came back.  The empty Blue Moon bottles with oranges strewn all over the place, the Miller High Life bottles and the desperation Old Style tallboys I bought when I still cared about the Cubs.   

That damned drinking game!  Freaking Obama couldn’t get out a sentence without saying “Uh” and now my living room looks like it did after a Sunday Funday many, many, many summers ago. 

And my head feels like a jackhammer is pounding my eyeballs. 

Never again.

What I do remember is watching the debate with my wife, thinking President Obama was getting more plastered than I was.  Or maybe he was plastered and that was why he sucked so much?

Mitt Romney performed very well and was the clear winner of last night’s debate.  The 22% of undecided that thought Obama won that thing were drinking far heavier stuff than beer (or were Chicago Police officers who spent the day in that marijuana field near the Bishop Ford).   Romney was crisp, articulate and in control.  He was presidential.  He excelled at being respectful and polite toward the president while pointedly questioning his record.  Had the GOP taken this sort of tone toward the president over the last four years, more people—myself included— would firmly be in their camp. 

President Obama looked like he didn’t want to be there.  He looked down at his podium so much, it looked like he was scanning the TV Guide hoping there was a big football or baseball game on in Florida and Ohio.  He certainly didn’t want undecideds in those states watching him.

So, as I clean up the beer bottles and cans and what appears to be a pizza I ordered late night—and where that half burrito come from?!!? (note to self, check on-line banking today) , it turns out Chris Christie was right.  We did wake up Thursday morning talking about a revitalized Romney campaign.   If I was an undecided or a soft Obama voter, I would certainly take another look at Mitt Romney.   I expect we’ll see polls tightening in battleground states after the performances in last night’s debate.  Fortunately for Obama, he has two more debates.  I doubt he’ll look like he did last night again.    

But just in case, no more debate drinking games for me!

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