Last weekend of the summer– get outside and explore Chicago

You turn around and it’s already Labor Day. Seven months ago, we were in the midst of another Chicago winter– albeit a mild one, which could mean we’re really in for it this year. Regardless, in a few short months we will again be buried under snow.

Take Tuesday off and get outside. I had the opportunity to hang out downtown yesterday and had a lot of fun. I got outside and stayed outside. I had lunch at Millennium Park’s Park Grill. I saw kids screaming in Crown Fountain. I walked Michigan Avenue. I took pictures of Trump Tower and shopped for tourist trinkets. Our city is quite impressive when you have an opportunity to stop, watch and listen to it breathe. After a workout on Wednesday, I found a park bench across the street from the gym and sat. Just sat. Being married with two kids on top of the full-time job, the word that best described those 45 minutes on that park bench: luxurious.

I understand, the couch is comfortable; but it will be just as comfortable in five months when there is a foot of snow on the ground and its 20 degrees. So carve out a couple hours out this weekend for your version of luxury. Get outside; enjoy Chicago and our last weekend of summer.


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