Look! Congressman Joe Walsh opens his mouth and ridiculous remarks come out– again!

Look!  Congressman Joe Walsh opens his mouth and ridiculous remarks come out– again!

At a recent town hall meeting, Joe Walsh said:

The Democratic Party promises groups of people everything. They want the Hispanic vote. They want Hispanics to be dependent upon government. Just like they got African-Americans dependent upon government.

I have many different feelings about this statement.

First, I am offended and somewhat horrified my tax dollars pays this guy his salary. Talk about government waste. And irony. Joe Walsh has consistently rallied against our government spending too much money, yet because he is a brat who doesn’t like the President, he had the government fly him home for a town hall only to fly back to Washington the next day.

Second, I want him to expand on his statement. What has the Democratic Party promised African-Americans to get us dependent on government? What is the Democratic party promising Hispanics to get them dependent on government? If he is going to make illusions to potentially racist, crackpot theories, he should expressly state them.

Third, I’m offended. I am African-American. If anything, the government is dependent on me. I write checks (or pay taxes online) to the government monthly. Property taxes. Income (state and federal) taxes. Don’t forget the nearly 10% sales tax Cook County residents pay– on everything, not only luxuries, but on necessities like groceries. Taxes on gasoline. Tolls. License plate fees. City sticker fees. Think about everything you buy in a month– roughly 10% of your expenses goes to the government after you have already paid income tax on earnings.

So no, government is dependent on me.

But I do depend on the government– just like Joe Walsh does. I depend on government to pick up my garbage, to protect and to serve, and to extinguish a fire in my house should it go up in flames. I depend on government to keep our roads clear, clean and safe. I expect government to educate our children. Government does do. We just think its works best when we don’t see the work it is doing.

Fourth, I find his whole being ironic. His basic message is for government fiscal responsibility. Yet, last year he was sued by his wife for being a deadbeat dad, failing to pay roughly $117,000 in child support– which has since been settled for an undisclosed amount. His only steady job over the last ten years has been in the government employ. The only steady paycheck he has received is one our tax dollars fund. Joe Walsh is more dependent on government than I am. He is the one, in September 2011, had the government pay for his round trip flight between home and Washington so he could skip out of town for President Obama’s speech to both houses of Congress.

Someone who preaches responsibility, should actually be responsible. This is the same man who had his driver’s license privileges suspended by the Illinois Secretary of State. For almost nine months ending in April 2009, Walsh lost his driving privileges because of a failure to appear in court on a traffic case, according to Elizabeth Kaufman, a spokeswoman for the secretary of state. Walsh’s license was again suspended again last April—while he was in Congress—because he did not abide by a state requirement to maintain high risk car insurance known as SR-22, which is used by the state to monitor what it calls problem drivers. Under SR-22 insurance, if the policy lapses—either because the policy holder missed a payment or canceled coverage—the state automatically suspends his license. Walsh eventually got his driving privileges back.

I just have a problem with the tea-party’s poster child for fiscal responsibility being utterly irresponsible with his mouth and his checkbook. Maybe he figures he is able to lecture Democrats on responsibility so well because he looks at his own example and preaches the opposite.

Joe Walsh is a perfect example of "do as I say and not as I do."

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    It never crossed your mind that a vindictive ex-wife wanted to sabotage Joe? The kids lived with him at least part of the time and besides the case is over!

    Joe's comments don't make sense to you because you live on the Democrat's reservation where government is the answer for every problem. The center right of America understand him perfectly! Government isn't capable of making decisions as well as the people.

    All you have to do is look at the mess Bush and Obama and Congress have created of the economy.

  • In reply to Diane Benjamin:

    Diane, first of all, I want to thank you for reading and caring enough to comment.

    I will ask you to do one thing: read more of what I've written. If you do, you'll note I'm not on the Democrats' reservation. I'm center-left and that's because I'm "socially liberal." I don't believe government is the answer. I believe we all should have equal access and opportunity for a better life-- but ultimately, it's up to the individual to make it happen.

    No, I don't like Joe because he's a windbag who makes the problem worse, not better. He's a hypocrite that points fingers at Democrats without noting he's also been fiscally irresponsible. Yes, I considered his ex-wife may be vindictive, but looking at the whole picture-- unemployed, suspended drivers' license (because of failure to pay tickets), tax liens (state and federal), foreclosure, lawsuits against him for his failure to pay monies owed to staff, all while taking European vacations with his girlfriend (it may not have been Europe-- I remember reading Europe)-- I thought that it was probably more likely than not that Walsh owed his ex-wife something. Especially when you look at the timeline-- the allegation was made public over 10 months after he was elected into office. If she were vindictive, she reasonably would have made the allegation before the election.

    Plus, Walsh admitted to owing his ex-wife money-- it was the amount that was at issue.

    I just think Republicans would be better served by having a different guy yelling on television about fiscal responsibility. That's not a hard argument to make, no matter what reservation you live on.

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    Ah, an apologist quoting chapter and verse. Conservatives always seem to need a group to scapegoat, and now more than ever. They need a red herring to distract from the truth about corporate welfare, unaffordable tax cuts, preemptive military action and supply side economics- failed policies that have contributed greatly to our current situation. It's simply easier to scapegoat minorities and the poor and social programs as the root of the problem when the real money is being spent elsewhere. So who's next? Asians taking away our tech jobs?

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    Why is it that the GOP and conservatives call for smaller government, and accuse Democrats of creating big government, when there is nothing to support the allegation? The last president to decrease the size of government in any real way was Bill Clinton, who took the numbers back to pre-Reagan. Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 all increased the size of government and expanded services. I think that the GOP is less interested in smaller government that it is in big government in it's own image.

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