Is President Obama’s reelection all but certain? Obama thinks so

Is President Obama’s reelection all but certain?  Obama thinks so

I was watching the Kentucky/Kansas final last night when during halftime Clark Kellogg interviewed President Obama. It wasn’t a bad interview– he mentioned his love of watching his daughter Sasha play basketball. When Clark Kellogg asked President Obama to shoot a game of HORSE (POTUS is actually the game Kellogg wanted to play), the President, who won the last game between the two, denied Kellogg a rematch and talked about wanting to retire a champion as he did not want to overstay his welcome– which I’m certain gave Mitt Romney a laugh. But then he said something curious, that he would give Kellogg his rematch in his second term, when Kellogg’s knees would be a little worse for the wear.

When the President mentioned his second term he certainly did not say "if" he said "when."

Did I miss the Presidential election? Was He reelected?

I understand telling the Russian President of his need for a little patience on negotiation until after a presidential election. I’m not going to get up in arms about a frank discussion on what a sitting president can do while he’s in campaign mode versus after he wins his last election. And more importantly, his Russian counterparts also understand.

But Obama’s certainty about shooting hoops with Clark Kellogg in three years seemed as certain as the sun rising tomorrow morning.

I wish I could be as certain that my house will sell. I wish I could be as certain that I can fill up my gas tank for less than $60.00.

And considering I am not certain I can do either– should President Obama be this certain he’s going to be shooting hoops at the White House in three years without an invitation?

Unfortunately for us, Obama is certain because of the chumps GOP has pitted against him. The GOP keeps comparing Obama’s presidency to Jimmy Carter’s one term presidency, but the problem is none of the GOP’s primary candidates could beat Jimmy Carter (maybe Newt could– because back in 1980 he was only cheating on his first wife rather than being thrice married).

Obama’s reelection certainty could also come from a new USA Today/Gallup poll showing the president has a 18% point lead over Romney in the top 12 swing states with a key electorate: women. Any jackass (or donkey) could see the GOP significantly tarnishing its brand with women over the last three months over something as uncontroversial as birth control. Creating controversy on birth control will get you the Duggars’ family vote, but other than winning the Arkansas vote, you lose the election because women in other states may find it troubling to have children younger than their own grandchildren.

This is reflected in the poll numbers. According to the USA Today:

The biggest change came among women under 50. In mid-February, just under half of those voters supported Obama. Now more than six in 10 do while Romney's support among them has dropped by 14 points, to 30%. The president leads him 2-1 in this group.

This is the GOP’s own doing. Last year party leaders decided on an uninspiring candidate to run against Obama. A relatively vulnerable incumbent is almost guaranteed a victory because voters do not have a good alternative. Just like 2004, when voters went to the polls voting against someone rather than voting for a President.

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  • What is interesting is that no Democrat since LBJ has won the majority of white womens vote. That said, I believe Obama will win because the fix is in -- in the form of immense voter fraud, which Obama learned well in Chicago.

    The Republicans are at fault because they are doing the "it's your turn" nomination of Romney, who is uninspiring.

  • Richard, first, thanks for reading and commenting.
    Question: was there immense voter fraud in 2008? Enough to swing the election? Where? And how would Obama be able to use "Chicago-style" voter fraud in Montana? Or Pennsylvania? Or Florida? Logistically, how would that occur?

    Now, I agree that the fix may be in, but I think Republicans are in on it. It is more reasonable to believe that Republicans have purposefully decided not to field a strong candidate to lose this year and try to take back the WH in 2016 than Obama calling up Rich Daley and telling him to go to Ohio and get dead people registered as Dems.

    btw: if you want to see voter fraud, note what happened in Florida 2000.

  • If you want to lower the unemployment rate and get Americans working again you need to stop extending unemployment benefits. There are a lot of lazy people that are taking advantage of the government and will live off unemployment benefits as long as they can. This country was built by hard working people that left there countty to be free. Free of government, free to choose religion, free to choose what healthcare provider they wanted for their family. We do not need president Obama to save us. He is not the answer. The only person that can save us is ourselves, our family and our friends. This coutry was not built to be ran by a socialist government. It was built to be ran by the American People. This is why we are free to vote. We Americans need to pull out our history books and educate ourselves on how this country was built because I believe most of us have forget. Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

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