VOTE-- Primary election is today! Polls close at 7pm!

VOTE-- Primary election is today!  Polls close at 7pm!


Polls close today at 7pm! It's time to have your voice heard. You may not be enthusiastic about the candidates, but please go vote.

First, the Republican race for the presidential nomination appears to be close and every vote will count towards the eventual winner. A Santorum win in Illinois could mean the Republican nomination goes to the convention.

For a more selfish reason to vote: your representatives are there to be in your service; when you call on them over the next two to four years, they will check to see if you voted in the last election. A well known secret is that the squeaky wheel that voted gets the grease.

You don't know where your polling place is?  If you are in Chicago go to or text the Board of Elections at 312/361-8846 and they will text you back your polling place. 

Get out and vote! And may the best candidate, rather than the best financed candidate, win!

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