Quick Hits: February 1, 2012

Quick Hits: February 1, 2012
Newt Gingrich according to Newt Gingrich

--Newt Gingrich doesn’t congratulate Mitt Romney after getting beat in Florida. Newt is like school on Saturday.... no class.


--If Newt Gingrich can take credit for 4.2% unemployment in the 1990s, is the 9.0% unemployment rate John Boehner’s fault?


--Newt pledged his "life, fortune and sacred honor"for the fourth time last night.


--Newt’s not running for "Entertainer in Chief" but is considering running for "Whiner in Chief."


--Newt’s Florida rally signs said "46 states to go." Newt’s not on the ballot in Virginia and four states have already voted, how does he figure?


--"The bad news for Mitt: people liking you more than Newt Gingrich is not the same as people liking you" from @BorowitzReport on Twitter


--Florida– which Mitt won handily– was really the last question mark for Mitt. From here on out, only Mitt has the resources to carpet bomb the remaining states before and during Super Tuesday.


--Florida voter turnout was down 15% from 2008 primary.


-- Although I would not vote for him because of social issues, I have to admit a newfound respect for Rick Santorum.  Since Iowa, he has run a good campaign, has been solid in debates and it scares me that I find myself nodding in agreement at times when he speaks.   He has not won my vote, but he has won my respect.   


--Self deportation as immigration policy? Can Republicans do that with their party?


--Now that the GOP is done in Florida, is it also done with wooing the Latino vote?


--Or, does the GOP win Florida and therefore the general election with Marco Rubio as Mitt’s VP?


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  • As for the 46 to go, maybe DC has one Republican delegate or even voter, and there are also Guuuuuuaaaam and Puerto Rico.

    With regard to Latino voters, there is still Texas, but Perry, even though out of the race, probably still has it sewed up. Some people are even saying that there might be a Republican primary in Illinois.

  • In reply to jack:

    I'm going to start checking with you before I post. Thanks Jack!

    And thank you for your continued reads and comments (or in other words, support). I'm not kidding about guest posting!

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