Quick Hits: January 23, 2012

Quick Hits: January 23, 2012

 --Why do I care about Newt asking for an open marriage more than I care about Bill Clinton being in one?


--Maybe I care more about Newt’s infidelities because he served divorce papers on a woman in the hospital recovering from cancer.  That certainly is not a gentleman.  That’s a douchebag.


--If your friend served his wife divorce papers in her hospital room recovering from anything, would he still be your friend?


--Florida has a closed primary where only Republicans can vote.  South Carolina, like Newt’s marriages, are open– anyone can vote.


 --I have not seen a single commentator provide analysis on Ron Paul.  I’ve seen more analysis on that crazy guy from New York who leads The Rent is Too Damn High Party than I have of Ron Paul.


--Mitt Romney needs to come out in Florida like Darth Vader did in Empire Strikes Back.


--Mitt Romney needs to do to Newt this week what Newt did to John King Thursday night.


--So South Carolina votes for the Christian with three wives rather than the Mormon with one.  File that under “Isn’t it Ironic”


--We’re going to see Mitt’s tax return this week.  There’s a reason why he doesn’t want to release it.  Right now there’s a backlash against the 1%– it should be interesting when we learn Mitt’s part of the 0.0001%.


--Why are we hearing more about Barack Obama singing than his blocking of this oil well?  You might agree or disagree about what he did, but it certainly should be discussed– and not ignored–  by the media.

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