New Year– New Parking Meter Rates (and new toll rates!)

New Year– New Parking Meter Rates (and new toll rates!)
Chicago Parking Meter

Mayor Richard M. Daley: the gift that keeps on giving.

Even if you did not resolve to continue getting nickeled and dimed by local government in 2012, you will. Due to the 75 year deal Mayor Daley signed (prior to ramming it through the spineless City Council), parking meter rates increase today.

In the loop– bordered by Wacker Drive, Lake Michigan, and Congress Parkway– the rates increase from $5.00 per hour to $5.75 per hour. Inside the central business district (and outside the loop)– bordered by the lake, Roosevelt Road, Halsted and North Avenue– rates increase to $3.50 an hour from $3.00. Everywhere else sees an increase of 50 cents to $1.75 per hour. Chicago enjoys the highest street parking rates in the nation.

If the meter expires (and you get caught) you’ll pay a $50.00 fine.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s $2.00 tax on parking garages also goes into effect– meaning it will cost more to park in city garages during the week.

It will also cost more to travel to tollways as well. Starting January 1, 2012, tolls increased 87%. Eighty seven percent! That is thanks to Governor Pat Quinn. If you use I-Pass, the rates for $0.40 tolls increased to $0.75. If you pay cash, the fee went from $0.75 to $1.50.

In 2012, like 2011, 2010, 2009... our state and local governments have resolved to continue taxing us to death. Happy New Year Illinois!

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  • Boo hoo! It's so hard to be a fat butterball who rides everywhere in a car! I'm an able bodied man who thinks he needs heavy machinery to travel a short distance, and now I have to pay an extra $0.75 oh it's so hard to live in Chicago! You'll have to pry my steering wheel from my lumpy diabetic fingers before I walk!

  • In reply to sassr:

    ROFL, none of what you say refutes the fact that the state of Illinois is taxing its citizens at ridiculous levels. Did you have a point or are you just a whiny b*tch who is jealous of people who can actually afford modern technology?

  • what an odd masochistic reaction to the continual railroading of this city over its citizens.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Yes, quite odd. So.. is his point that Chicago is doing citizens a favor by discouraging them from owning a car, or ... it's hard to figure out. Anyway it does start to look more and more evident that da mayor got out while the getting out was good because his deals to privatize services just really screwed Chicago residents and made the city a much much less attractive place to live. Which that city does not need as it already has a net loss of residents this decade.

  • Actually even worse than the above outrages in the article by Brain, is the outrage of the meter company being able to collect compensation from the city (e.g. taxpayers of course) whenever a street is closed say for a street fair. Enjoy, residents of chicago -- if I were you I would keep hammering on aldermen and the mayor to modify that contract!

  • Talking about modification:

    1. While the piece adequately distinguished among those who to blame, the right hand pane referring to this article still doesn't.

    2. @greedibanks, if there is a contract, it can only be modified by mutual consent. Or, as suggested a couple of years ago, the city might have grounds to rescind it, but then would have to pay back the money it originally got from the concessionaire, which the city has already spent. So, is your hammering gong to do any good, unless you have some unmentioned consideration (in the legal sense) to get the other side to agree on a modification?

  • In reply to jack:

    Thamks for reading and commenting everyone.

    I agree Jack-- in short, Mayor Daley screwed us. During her campaign, Carol Moseley Braun said that she would rescind or modify the contract. She never told us how she would do it. She stopped talking about modifying the contract when the media started to ask her "how?"

    That's because it can't be done.

  • Boo hoo. Must be nice to have the kind of life where you know you can reach all your destinations by bike or public transit or walking. Not to have any kind of work that may require you to leave the city, or to have any kind of gear you might need to carry in a trunk. All you smug bikers who think you're saving the planet...good for you...but don't assume that everyone driving a car is lazy...some of us have real work to do, and parking and tolls are just a cost of doing business. So yeah, thanks for the sympathy.

  • Seen on more and more bumpers...

    Illinois -- A Good Place to be FROM!

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thanks Richard-- love the comment and bumper sticker. Unfortunately (or fortunately rather), I love Chicago. I hate being nickeled and dimed, but I love my city.

    Nice comment on today's post on the Iowa caucuses too. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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