Does the village of Montgomery condone its cops calling people "bleeping ni**ers" at traffic stops?

Does the village of Montgomery condone its cops calling people "bleeping ni**ers" at traffic stops?

Why does a simple traffic stop require four uniformed officers?

"A bunch of fucking niggers."

That's how the police department in the village of Montgomery appeared to refer to Sherida Hughes after a traffic stop in 2009.

I suppose I could chalk this up to happening in far west suburban Montgomery, located just south of Aurora on the Fox River. I could chalk this up to the village of Montgomery being backward and countrified.

It's still wrong.

In 2009, Sherida Hughes was pulled over for "obstruction of a peace officer" a charge which was eventually dismissed. At the time of the stop, Ms. Hughes felt she was being profiled, which to me means being investigated for being in the wrong neighborhood in the wrong skin. Ms. Hughes' criminal defense attorney subpoenaed the Montgomery police dashboard video. In that video, according to NBC5, the police officers who pulled Ms. Hughes over called her and the vehicle occupants "fucking niggers" and continued to laugh about the stop.

Please seeteh NBC5 story and video here:

In the past, I have been very critical of black politicians playing the race card. I was very critical of Carol Moseley Braun and Danny Davis in the mayoral election and have been critical of Jesse Jackson's grandstanding and "black leaders" leading blacks to vote for a certain candidate based solely because on color of skin. In making my argument, my constant refrain is that things are changing and if we want true equality, then we must be judged solely on the quality of our character rather than the color of our skin.

Precisely the opposite happened to Sherida Hughes on that dark night in Montgomery. She was judged on the color of her skin.

More problematic is that the person doing the judging was a police officer- someone who is supposed to enforce the law impartially- because the rule of law applies to everyone, regardless of color of skin.

Even worse is that the village's police department has denied wrongdoing and failed to take corrective action, even after being shown the video. In other words, the Village of Montgomery either tolerates or condones this type of behavior.

Which gives ammunition to the Jesse Jacksons of the world. They can look at me in the eye and say that nothing's changed. The proof is in Montgomery, Illinois. Not only are their police using racial epitaphs, but the department condones it.

Nobody was hurt, fortunately. And ultimately, it was only a traffic stop. But I should not have to prove I am not breaking the law if I happen to drive through Montgomery, Illinois. And if a black man or woman is stopped for no reason other than the color of their skin and can prove questionable conduct during the stop, it would be a start for the village to admit the problem and take corrective action. By the village ignoring it, we just move backward to a time when Jesse Jackson, Danny Davis and Carol Moseley Braun were right to tell us to judge people based upon skin color rather than content of character.

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