Reverse Racism: Would someone please pull Danny Davis into the 21st century

Reverse Racism: Would someone please pull Danny Davis into the 21st century

Danny Davis needs to move into the 21st Century. As the election returns come in Tuesday night, I am proud of Chicago voters for rejecting the outdated dogma preached by Chicago's "black leaders."

It's 2011. In this day and age, Danny Davis attempted to shame black people into voting for Carol Moseley Braun solely because of the color of her skin. For Danny Davis, the color of her skin was the only reason he needed to vote for her. When someone as esteemed as Danny Davis spouts that crap- we need to call that speech what it is: racist.

Danny Davis said:

"I remember two principles of liberation and self-determination that my parents taught," Davis says in a booming, explosive baritone. "My mother often told us that it is a poor dog that will not wag its own tail. My father would tell us that the Bible says any man who will not support his own house is worse than any infidel.

"In honor of my parents during Black History Month, I am voting for Carol Moseley Braun for mayor, and ask that you vote for the best candidate. Punch 3 for Carol Moseley Braun."

Apparently, Chicago's black community is full of infidels as Carol Moseley Braun came in fourth in the election with roughly 9% of the vote.

I am proud that all Chicagoans- especially the black community- rejected the outdated thinking represented by Danny Davis and mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun. It's shameful Danny Davis used the same arguments used by challengers of Harold Washington in 1983 which continued after his election during Council Wars to promote Carol Moseley Braun.

Fortunately that backward thinking failed miserably; wards 1-9, all primarily African-American wards, came in over 50% for Rahm. Carol Moseley Braun did not win a single ward. 

Chicago will have another black mayor. That person won't be elected because of the color of his/her skin, but rather because that person is the best candidate. And that, Danny Davis, is what earns my vote: the best candidate. Not the blackest one.


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  • Carol Mosley Braun scammed her own mother's money. If she'd do that to someone "in her own house", Danny, she'd have no problem "doing" it to you. People, no matter what color they are, didn't forget that little part of history.

  • When Braun called Watkins a "crackhead" during a debate, was that "supporting her own house"? If it was tear that house down. And that's when she lost even my consideration of a voting for her.

  • I like Carol as a person... but as a candidate she was a train wreck. And I love to watch a good train wreck! Thank you Carol for making this election at least interesting. Once we got past where Rahm lives or doesn't live it seemed like things got real boring. On a side note to the residency issue... as Mayor can Rahm finally evict the guy in his house?

  • Daley stepping down was a hint that things have changed. Daley kept this city in the game by upgrading the infra structure and keeping patronage down to a minimum. Once he ran out of assets to sell ( like the skyway ) and no new jobs were being created it was time to step down and entrust the leadership with someone that's smart and hard working. If Braun and Jesse had their way, the city would turn into Detroit. She's a known thief and he's a professional begger.

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    agreed...accept I take offense about that comment on Detroit, I live here- parts of Chicago is already Detroit-like, look at the majority of the south-side

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    Reminds me of one of the campaign buttons for Bernard Epton (R) in his mayoral race against Harold Washington in 1983 - the buttons were blank - that is, plain white.

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    My opinion is that Brian's comments were disrespectful to Mr. Davis. He like others of his era have endured a lot so that future generations could have a better life.

    Yes Brian, it is 2011. Yet racial injustices continue.

    As mentiones in my email, I'll support Black candidates. The playing field still isn't level - and it's 2011 !!

  • In reply to b642750:

    Daun: If I say I'll support white candidates, I'd be (correctly) branded a racist. Now, read your comment again. You are a racist for supporting a candidate solely on the color of his/her skin.

  • In reply to b642750:

    First, thanks for reading Daun. I was going to shoot you an email asking you to comment here, rather than just in my inbox-- because opposing viewpoints should be out here, rather than just to me.

    And I agree with you on one point: Danny Davis and his generation have done a whole lot more for the black community than I have.

    That said, if Danny Davis or anyone else, says something that takes us backward rather than forward, people need to call the person out. If the words: "My father would tell us that the Bible says any man who will not support his own house is worse than any infidel," were uttered in support of Hillary Clinton or John McCain in 2008, I bet you would be irate. I would have been. It sounds like something David Duke would say.

    I was at a lecture a long time ago and the speaker was asked what the black community felt about a particular issue. I neither remember the speaker nor the issue but his words still resonate. He said, I can't speak for the entire black community (35 million people), but I can speak for myself. That's true for me too. So in my chair, In February 2011, I believe that the kind of thinking represented by Davis's words takes us back rather than forward. And its hypocritical not to question the Danny Davises of the world if he uses words we would condemn if spoken by a white speaker. My $0.02.

    Thanks again for reading.

  • In reply to bthomas314:

    Let me try this again, Brian.
    We are so quick to paint someone as racist because they might play the

  • In reply to b642750:


    I want to thank you for your frank commentary throughout this election.

    You have given hope to me that there are those people with which those of us who are white (I prefer German/Swiss-American, myself) may hold critical discussions of politicians, of which are not of our own race, without it being turned around as fodder to brand ourselves as racist.

    I am happy to see someone finally stand up and say that any commandment to vote in a certain way, solely based upon the candidate's race, is, in fact, racism.

    Frankly, I think it's simple: refer back to the Great Martin Luther King Jr: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

    What I think has been lost upon people such as Braun is that MLK was NOT looking for preferential treatment. He was seeking equality. And equality means that the color of your skin is not even a factor in the equation as far as other people see you. The content of your character should be the only factor. And in my mind and observations, Braun's character, and that of her supporters, that would have had you vote for her solely because she is black, is wholly lacking.

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    Brian, I agree with you 100%. It angers me when so-call "Black leaders" get in front of a camera and presume to speak for the Black community. Danny Davis has been around long enough to know better. This election was a definite wake-up call to these "Black leaders" that they do not have any power over our community. The old political machine is DEAD. Jesse , Danny, Bobby and others do not, I repeat, DO NOT speak for the Black community!! We are informed and make our own decisions. Like old horses, they need to be put out to pasture. When I heard that ridiculous Danny Davis ad for Carol Moseley Braun, I was so angry. Do they really think those in the Black community are that stupid? Really?! I found it so insulting that they would think the Black community are stupid and ill informed. I believe, we in the Black community spoke loud and clear that we are not sheep and we will not follow. Did you hear us, Danny, Carol, Jesse, Bobby?

  • In reply to Think4myself:

    I don't consider myself to be part of a flock either. As I mentioned to Brian I've always cringed when the media referred to people as a "Black Leaders."
    That said, I have no problem supporting persons of character - regardless of race.
    Unfortunately, in many instances politicians don't fit Dr. King's vision when it comes to character.
    All else being equal, I'll continue to throw my support behind accomplished Black candidates. Not JUST because they are Black, but because of their ACCOMPLISHMENTS and the qualities they bring to the table.

  • In reply to b642750:

    You're now arguing something that nobody's positing here-- that black leaders don't have accomplishments. Of course they do. Of course leaders of ALL races do. And of course we should support leaders off all races who HAVE accomplishments.

    So, what, exactly is your argument? Because saying that you exclusively throw your support behind black leaders just because they've "been through" is ignorant.

    Until we stop using the words "black," "white," "latino" etc in our arguments, the playing field will never be level.

  • In reply to b642750:

    So true Ronnie. Keep reading ....
    I'm not as shallow as you might think.

  • In reply to b642750:

    I enjoyed your article immensely! Well said! Unfortunately there are a lot of so-called black leaders who make their living off playing the race card so they will probably never stop.

  • In reply to siblingless:

    Yes, I think Brian has done a good job in presenting this topic for discussion.

    I also think that we need a discussion on what qualifies a person to be referred to as a "Black Leader."

    I submit this term was invented by the media. I don't recall any Black person standing up and proclaiming themself to be a "Black Leader."

  • In reply to b642750:

    *him or her self

  • In reply to b642750:


    One thing I have been really proud of and impressed by in this discussion and one we had roughly six weeks ago (found in whether blacks are required to vote for CMB) is that we've had a very lively discussion on race and with one exception, it was a great discussion. Not everyone is in agreement, but the tone was respectful.

    That tone and good faith attempt to listen and understand different viewpoints tells me things are changing, Daun.

    I agree with you regarding "black leaders." The thing about "black leaders" that really gets me is that whenever something happens in or effecting the black community, the media goes to the same two guys, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and asks how the black community is going to react. Like we voted for them to represent us! Maybe it is a media invention. I just wish the media could find some other black men and women, a generation or two younger, and get a different perspective.

    Thanks again for reading.

  • In reply to b642750:

    I just want to thank everyone for your comments again. Discussing race on a message board can get downright nasty by post #3. This is the second time we've done it here in roughly six weeks with dozens of very insightful comments. Seriously good stuff eveyone. Many thanks for your comments and thanks for reading!

  • In reply to b642750:

    Are you telling me that if a non-black candidate has the better vision, drive and commitment, you're going to vote for the black candidate even if they area crook?

  • In reply to Horusbedhetys:

    That statement is pretty ludicrous.

    I agree that race shouldn't be the determinant factor in selecting a candidate for elected office.

    But take a look at the definition of "institutional racism" that I posted above. That's my issue when it comes to the playing field not being level - in 2011.

  • Enough with the race card already. Grow up or go away.

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