Recent poll has Rahm Emanuel with 54% support; Moseley Braun comes in fourth

Recent poll has Rahm Emanuel with 54% support; Moseley Braun comes in fourth

A new poll done by Richard Day Research for ABC7 has Rahm Emanuel over the magical 50% mark, claiming 54% support of those surveyed.

Recent internal polling from the campaigns showed Gery Chico leapfrogging Carol Moseley Braun, but this latest poll shows Carol Moseley Braun falling to last place with the support of 6% of those surveyed. Chico had 14% support with Del Valle at 8%. 15% are undecided. For Moseley Braun, that is a marked difference between the late January poll when she had the support of 22% of those surveyed. Carol Moseley Braun's campaign has imploded and it seems only she has herself to thank. And without any money to run ads to rebrand herself, her campaign will never get back on track.

On Monday, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White endorsed Rahm Emanuel for mayor and rejected the notion that African-American voters should unite behind a consensus black candidate. Of endorsing Emanuel, Jessie White said: "I'm proud to do it. This race is not about one community versus another community ... it's about who's best qualified to run the city of Chicago."

I would have been more impressed had Jesse White endorsed Rahm Emanuel a month ago, after Carol Moseley Braun was anointed the consensus black candidate. It doesn't take much political courage to make that endorsement now, as Rahm Emanuel polls better with the African-American community than Carol Moseley Braun, with Emanuel preferred by 53% of African- Americans polled.

Although everyone has to still go out and vote, this race looks to be over. Rahm's lead continues to get bigger. It has been a two person race for a god ten days now. Surprisingly, the race has not tightened between the remaining viable candidates.

As I predicted before, the only question is whether Rahm would have to beat Chico in an April runoff. According to this latest ABC7 poll- Rahm Emanuel will win the mayor's office on February 22nd.

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