Rudy Giuliani in town with Mark Kirk

Rudy Giuliani in town with Mark Kirk


Look out for Rudy Giuliani, as he's in town today.  This morning, he's in Bloomington campaigning for Republican candidate for governor, Bill Brady.  Giuliani will come to Chicago later today for a forum on gang violence with Mark Kirk.   He and Kirk are calling for $20 million for a national anti-gang task force (which doesn't seem like enough to take care of the gang problem here, let alone nationwide) and greater cooperation between federal, state and local agencies to combat gang violence.  The hope is the joint appearance and Giuliani's tough-on-crime background could earn Kirk some votes in Chicago. 

NBC Chicago reports:

Giuliani has perceived law enforcement credentials after his stint as New York's CEO.  He's credited with helping clean up a gang problem and make the city more friendly for tourists.  He also served during the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and never lets anyone forget it. 

We'll see what they have to say about the gang problem and what ideas, other than throwing money at the problem, Kirk and Giuliani have to combat gangs and gang violence in Chicago.  Any good ideas are certainly appreciated. 

Remember, there are only 50 days left before the election.

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