Illinois Election 2010: Your Guide to Statewide Candidates

We are 33 days away from the election- November 2, 2010. Provided below is the slate of candidates for statewide office. I have also provided the most recent polls for the Senate and Gubernatorial elections:

U.S. Senate:

Alexi Giannoulias (D)

Mark Kirk (R)

Randy Stufflebeam (Constitution)

LeAlan Jones (Green)

Michael Labno (Libertarian)

Carl Officer (Practical)



Pat Quinn (D)

and Sheila Simon

Bill Brady (R)

and Jason Plummer

Rich Whitney (Green)

and Don Crawford

Lex Green (Libertarian)

and Ed Rutledge

Scott Lee Cohen (Independent)

and Baxter Swilley

William "Dock" Walls (Independent)

and Edmund Scanlon

Michael White (Constitution)

and Jeff Trexler

Attorney General:

Lisa Madigan (D)

Steve Kim (R)

David Black (Green)

Louis Cotton (Constitution)

William Malan (Libertarian)


Secretary of State:

Jesse White (D)

Robert Enriquez (R)

Gary Dunlap (Constitution)

Jason Hanson (Libertarian)

State Comptroller:

David Miller (D)

Judy Baar Topinka (R)

Tim Becker (Constitution)

Erika Schaefer (Green)

Julie Fox (Libertarian)

State Treasurer:

Robin Kelly (D)

Dan Rutherford (R)

Dawn Czarny (Constitution)

Scott Summers (Green)

James Pauly (Libertarian)


Recent Polls:

U.S. Senate: Kirk v. Giannoulias Time/CNN 42% to 43%                             Giannoulias +1%

Fox News/Rasmussen 42% to 40%            Kirk +2%

Real Clear Politics Avg.: 39.4% to 37.8%     Kirk +1.6%


Governor's Race: Quinn v. Brady

Time/CNN  38% to 40%                           Brady +2%

Fox News/Rasmussen 36% to 46%          Brady 10%

Real Clear Politics Avg.: 34.5% to 41.3%  Brady 6.8%


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